14 PHERE: A Must Watch This Weekend
by Susweta Bose | Sat, 24 Jul 2021 18:29:49 GMT

With the Vikrant Massey Starrer “Haseen Dilruba” still creating a lot of buzz on Netflix, Vikrant’s latest on Zee5, 14 Pheere is also a blast. Seems like Vikrant is on a roll, be it Taapsee or Kriti. On the same note Kriti also makes a big impact on the audience's heart.

This film is directed by Devanshu Singh and written by Manoj Kalwani aptly describes the overriding flaw of showcasing the peril of the upper section authority and the horror of male dominance in society. Caste system, honor killing and the flaws of the Indian typical marriages are aptly highlighted in a way that entertains and delights the audience.

This movie which is currently streaming on Zee5 will definitely want many to question its theme.  Regardless, 14 Phere has some unexpected storyline. Vikrant Massey belongs to the Rajputana family and Kriti Kharbandha from Jat background in Rajasthan, fall in love. They are aware that their families will never accept their relationship. So they take the assistance of Delhi based theatre performers. The two actors become temporary parents for the girl as well as the boy to balance the situation from both sides. A worthy mention in this situation would go out to their office and colleagues(on-screen), who prove to be a gem in every way. Such support and warmth if awarded to every employee the world would become a much better place to grow in!

14 Phere is a mood uplifting movie. Apart from the charming love between the main characters Kriti Kharbanda and Vikrant Massey, the acting stands out in mostly all the characters. Also the climax with the incessant “dulhe aur uske baap ko aag laga de” is something that will just help you roll on the floor laughing.

Eg:- “Chore ke maa baap pe petrol daal?” “Asli waale pe ya nakli baap pe?”

In the era of 2021, this film justifies the fact that male dominance can be challenged in society, that too in a quirky way. It is quite wrong to interpret the idea of couples independently working in a multinational firm without any support; will need to hide their relationship because of caste discrimination and gender unequlity that is justified in the community. 

Manoj Kalwanis acting to bring some fun from his rusty casteist behaviours and the eagerness of elders to kill daring members of the family has failed to bring laughter. Either  Jameel Khan and Gauhar Khan as pretend parents are excellent as the middle parents when things get tough, or when the debate is about whos the better actor among  them both. 

Gauhar Khan being a fake mother doesn't justify the title as she looks like Aditi's age. But she manages to break a laugh whenever necessary for the script. The fake father and mother might be a reach even for a Bollywood script, but they aptly manage to keep the audience entertained.

While 2020 and 2021 seem to be the year of the OTT, there are definitely some unusual stars that have shone across various platforms. Vikrant certainly seems to be one of the upcoming stars that will shine bright through these platforms. For those who seem to be confused about the movie, I am writing this review only after taking the first dose of vaccine, with an immovable hand. And trust me if it made my day, it will surely make yours!