2021 American Music Awards host, Cardi B, dazzles in several gorgeous outfits at the awards show
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 23 Nov 2021 13:00:23 GMT
Image Source: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong, Wonderwall.com

Cardi B pulled all stops and rocked the stage at the AMAs just right this year! Dressed to impress in an array of the most gorgeous dresses you would see in a lifetime, Cardi B hosted the post-pandemic American Music Awards.

The rapper got the honors to hold the reigns of the events at the 2021 American Music Awards in November 2021. And while she did make a dramatic entrance, her successive dresses were no short of outrageous fashion either. The lady slew in dresses made out of feathers, metal, and a full face mask to beat the pandemic made out of solid gold!

WAP singer, Cardi B, wore a gold mask on the AMAs red carpet; Credits: ABC

The "WAP" singer, aged 29, headed to the red carpet outside the AMAs event in a breathtaking Schiaparelly costume. While the dress was all sorts of pretty, it was completely overshadowed by her gold face mask, and it is safe to say that the rapper was completely unrecognizable for the first few minutes of her arrival. She paired the solid gold mask with a huge pair of chandelier earrings that further cemented her statement look for the night. 

The Schiaparelli costume consisted of a black gown proudly showcasing the rapper's famous figure. The curve-hugging gown debuted a plunging sweetheart neckline, complemented beautifully with the off-the-shoulder cut of the neckline and sleeves.  The host of the 2021 American Music Awards further made the look more dramatic by pairing it all with a puffed-up black sheer veil from under which the solid mask dazzled eerily. But that is not all the gold she flaunted during the awards night. Her dress also featured another accessory in the form of long black gloves running the length of her forearms. Attached to the fingers' end of the gloves were gold fingers just matching the gold mask that Cardi B had donned. 

2021 AMAs host, Cardi B, goes all out in powerful performances; Credits: ABC

Securing everyone's attention with her bold gold masked look, Cardi B went on to drive the notch a bit further up and dazzled in more than a few extremely stylish looks for the night. Cardi opened the ceremony of the awards night as the host wearing another skintight black ensemble. The second costume featured a front slit that ran high along the length of her thigh on one side. 

Knowing that accessories matter, Cardi B paired off this look with another off-the-top statement piece, which almost stole the light away from her thigh-slit gown. Hence, Cardi B was seen leading the stage with a gigantic headpiece adorned with feathers. The black-feathered mohawk looked completely ethereal in the light of the event, making the host seem like a Black goddess!

Her second velvet look of the evening was no less gorgeous either. This time the beautiful gown was matched with completely diamond embossed sleeves. The massive and dazzling sleeves had a pair to match as Cardi B strode the stage as Emcee in similar boots decked in crystals. The thigh boots were showcased perfectly well through the high slit Cardi debuted in her third dress of the night. 

But even before Cardi had stepped on to stage as the host, the rapper had already started hinting on what outfits she would be debuting on the awards night. A few days prior to the American Music Awards 2021 event, Cardi provided a look into her immensely ethereal wardrobe choice as she walked on with a sparkly number. On November 19, Friday, Cardi debuted a black glittery gown with a sleeveless design as she helped roll out the carpet for the star-studded awards event. 

Another page out of the book for skintight, black, and form-hugging gowns, this dress was no less elegant than many others that Cardi wore at the awards event. The gorgeous dress showcased a halter neckline running high along her throat along with a cutout design on the shoulders. Besides the dress defining Cardi's curve perfectly, a high slit in the front of the dress plunged right up to the rapper's hips. The shoewear choice for the night for the singer was a pair of strappy sandals in black, adorned with pearls. 

Cardi B wore a feathered black mohawk as she performed on stage; Credits: ABC

One another noteworthy black dress for Cardi B for the 2021 American Music Awards was the costume she donned for the promo video of the awards event. Also gorgeous and skintight, the black dress featured a high choker neckline and a single long sleeve. The rapper styled the minidress with a matching pair of sheer tights. The tights came with a black and half nude design complementing the whole aesthetic of the stunning ensemble.