A look into Nicole Kidman's portrayal of real life mountain climber; Pam Bales
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 31 Mar 2022 18:28:04 GMT
Naomi Watts star as Pam Bales, real-life mountain climber in Infinite Storm; Credits: The New York Times

The Infinite Storm is a film that stars Naomi Watts and features the tale of a real-life person, Pam Bales. 

Based on the true-life brave story of Pam Bales, Infinite Storm brings forward a story of courage and determination of an experienced climber. The film shows Pam on her journey to the top of Mt Washington. 

However, as she is somewhere in the middle of the climb, she sees an approaching blizzard and reverses direction to avoid running into the approaching blizzard. While she makes the journey downwards, she finds another stranded climber, a man. Pam now has to try and take them both to a safe place before they are hit by the force of nature. 

The character of Pam Bales is played by the Oscar nominee Naomi Watts. 

The two ladies recently came together to discuss the film with Screen Rant, as they shared what makes this story so special and more about the thrilling film, Infinite Storm. 

Pam Bales is today a recognized and accomplished climber that many adventure seekers look up to. While she is a figure of courage and bravery, the lady is incredibly humble and modest about her conquests. 

Sharing her initial reaction when approached to make a movie on her life and journey, Pam could not believe it and thought it was a joke. She thought that why would anyone want to make a film on her because she was "just Pam" and no one special. However, things looked pretty nice to her, and she decided that there was no harm in saying yes to the film. 

But that was not the end of surprises for her. Though she herself did not know who Naomi Watts was, her children were pretty excited to see their mom played by the Oscar nominee. 

Pam Bales explained that she does not go out to watch movies a lot. Initially, she had no idea about who Naomi was and had to look her up on the internet. She said that now she agrees that Naomi Watts is actually a phenomenal actress. 

It is not only Pam who is honored to be played by Naomi Watts but also the actress is very grateful for the opportunity to get to play a character as real and as strong as Pam Bales. 

Sharing the most valuable lesson that she learned from the climber, Naomi shared that she learned that Pam is incredibly "resilient," "courageous and kind and compassionate." 

Not many people embody these great qualities in the modern world, but Watts said that she enjoys knowing such people as Pam and being near to them. In fact, she revealed that she "craves" to know these kinds of people. 

Pam Bale is a courageous mountain climber looking to avoid a blizzard and save a stranded man; Credits: Common Sense Media

She also revealed that Pam is compassionate to the core and knows extremely well what sorrow, struggle, loneliness, and grief can do to a person. Hence, Pam found out that nature is the true healer and decided to go out and climb mountains in a bid to use nature to get better. 

She shared that this lesson is for everyone out there, and all can benefit from Pam's lesson. Whether people choose to trek rocks, climb mountains, surf in the deep waters or simply walk in a park, nature has the beautiful ability to heal people and make them feel amazing. She also shared that nature is "wise" and people can avail its benefits whenever. 

Coming to the plot of the film, the man Pam met stranded in the mountains, John, leaves her with a letter before he goes. Revealing what went inside her head when she met his betrayal, Pam shared that she called him some names and thought how he could be so ungrateful after all she had done for him. 

But then, Pam receives his letter, and that explains the things that had been eating away at her. She revealed that she had never considered the events as written in the letter and that the story was all connected in its being. 

However, she did admit that when a person does not know what's at stake, it is easy to help the other person. But she also revealed that there was a second question in play at the time. 

If she were met with the question that she would have either left him stranded on the mountain or sacrifice herself trying to save him, she would not have known what she would have done. Pam says that she left the question unanswered but pondered what she could have done. 

On the other hand, she revealed that they are trained to know the answer to a particular question, but did not reveal what answer she would have chosen. 

Apart from knowing the answers to these existential questions, the climbers are also trained to pick up many details that would otherwise go unnoticed by the untrained eye. She had very easily found out that the trail had a fresh pair of sneaker prints while the prints were not that obvious to the audience. 

Pam revealed that after being trained, the prints jumped out at her, and she noticed them right away. She had seen them on the trail earlier and knew that they were not supposed to be there. 

Infinite Storm is a film of great brilliance and thrill. Watch the film in your nearest theater to answer the film's most pressing questions.