A Look into The Journey of Kravis from Friendship to Engagement
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 19 Oct 2021 14:47:56 GMT
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Kravis FOREVER!!!! 

Yes, your favorite Insta couple is soon to be married, and nothing could be cuter. The couple threw their fans into a frenzy as Kourtney revealed that Kravis finally popped the question on an Italian beach in the middle of a giant wave of heart roses. 

Their sweet roller coaster of a relationship was all anyone could talk of in 2021, and now that there is a ring on the finger, it is just going to get more exciting. We can't wait for the wedding bells!!!

Here is everything you need to know about the relationship timelines of the couple. Their dynamic will make you swoon!

Travis had a crush on Kim, 2006

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Apparently, Travis had a crush on the younger sister Kim Kardashian way back in the 2000s when he was still dating Paris Hilton, who at the time was Kim's boss. Yes, all of it, including Kravis now dating Kourtney, is very awkward. But the couple seems to be over it. 

In an October 20, 2015 interview with Us Weekly, Travis revealed, "How could you not stare at Kim? Mind you, I enjoyed hanging out with Paris, but I love curvy girls. Kim was eye candy. I was in no way disrespectful to Paris, but I couldn't keep my eyes off Kim!"

However, he clarified that nothing ever happened between the two. 

Travis advises Kim on her reality show, 2006

In 2005, Travis had his very own family reality T.V. show, and Kim hit him up for advice. "Kim was like, 'I really want to do this reality show. We're supposed to do it with Ryan Seacrest. I just think my family's interesting,'" He had said.

Recalling the conversation, he continued, "I gave her the best advice I could, but I still remember the conversation like yesterday: 'I think my family is interesting and it could be something.' Well, you were absolutely right!" 

Kardashians and Barkers become neighbors, 2007

While Kim and Travis were good friends already, The Barkers became increasingly acquainted with the Kar-Jenners as Travis made a move to Calabasas the same year the Kardashians set up their reality T.V. series. Following his split with former wife Shanna Moakler, Travis bought his Oaks estate for $9.5 million back in the late 2000s. Travis had brought along with him his two kids, Landon, aged 17 now, and Alabama, aged 15 as of now. 

The family became neighbors with Kourtney Kardashian, who shared her The Oaks estate with her former partner Scott Disick. The couple became parents to their first son, Mason, aged 11 in 2010, who was then followed by daughter Penelope, aged 8, and finally son Reign 6. The couple had changed residences before splitting, and Kourtney still continues to live at The Oaks with her three children. 

The Kardashian-Barker kids form friendships, 2017

Credits: Hollywood Life

Of course, that the kids were now neighbors, they had to become friends. The two Families would go on ice-cream runs together and invite the kids over for playdates. Sharing the degree of the two families' closeness back then, Travis and Alabama did an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2017. 

Travis said, "Kourtney and Khloe live on the same street as us, and Landon and Alabama are very close with Mason and Penelope." Alabama shared how they were invited to dinner once and had met Jennifer Lawrence and thought it was very cool. Lucky Kids!

Travis and Kourtney go on a dinner date, 2018

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The neighbors had definitely become very close friends by 2018 and went on a dinner date together but as friends. They selected a vegan restaurant for the event and headed out for Crossroads Kitchen on September 26, 2018, but separately. The friendly date ended with Travis walking Kourtney out to the valet, and yet Kourtney left the place with fond memories and a big smile plastered on her face. The young lady had just become single prior to events of date in August 2018.

The friendly duo headed out to church, and a dinner date, 2019

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The couple revisited their favorite vegan spot another day, but this time with friends after attending a service at the Hillsong Church. The friends to join them were Amanda Elise and Larsa Pippen, aged 46, who were Kourtney's best friends at the time. However, they have fallen out of each other's favor after the summer of 2020. Unlike the last time, Kourtney and Travis left the restaurant together in Travis's Aston Martin sports car. 

Another year another date, 2019

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The friends had a nice sushi dinner in Malibu in 2019 and appeared with beaming faces of joy. In fact, the couple again drove off in the same car as they left the sushi restaurant Nobu. Still, they were not alone this time, and Mason third wheeled their friendly relationship from the backseat of their car. Nevertheless, both of them were beginning to be spotted together, quite occasionally sparking rumors if something was going on with the two. 

Kourtney and Travis attend a playdate: 2019

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Nothing could be sweeter than having your kids bond with those of your partner's, right? It looks like that before they took their chances together, the couple wanted to see how their grown-up kids scored together. So, as the neighbors grew friendlier, they started running an errand together, and Travis could usually be seen with Mason and Reign as they went about their business together with Kourtney. Their kids would usually unite in neighborhood parties and even took a trip to Kanye West's warehouse in Los Angeles back in 2019. 

Travis hits his shot on Instagram, 2020

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By late 2020, everyone was openly confused if Travis and Kourtney were more than just friends or some very close friends that left thirsty comments at each other's thirst traps. Travis surely knew when to shoot his shot and commented three fire emojis at one of Kourtney's hottest pictures. The Pooch owner had been trying on outfits in her closet and had uploaded a juicy picture of her in a black power suit blazer and nothing more. Fans were quick to jump in and chime in on their speculations about their relationship. 

The couple heads out to Palm Springs, 2021

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By the beginning of 2021, things were in total mayhem. While the couple had not yet revealed if they were actually a couple, it had become certain that the two were definitely a little more than friends. On January 23, 2021, Travis shared a picture from the Palm Springs estate owned by Kris Jenner, which was then posted with a duplicated scenery on Kourtney's Instagram account. But this isn't all to it. Travis even left a rose emoji in the comment section of Kourt's post, and things sure went crazy after that. 

Kravis goes official, 2021

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Now that everyone was almost sure about the couple being in a 'ship, only an official statement was required to make things established, which soon came after their Palm Springs getaway. On the fateful day of February 16, 2021, Kourtney finally shared a picture to prove all rumors were correct. Uncaptioned as it was, the picture of Kourtney's elegant little hand in Travis's tattooed grasp definitely made things clear. Travis dropped by the comment section leaving behind a black heart, and then also shared the news with his followers by reposting the post to his stories. Finally, they proved that a great friendship is the surest way to a fantastic relationship.

A source suggests at imminent engagement news, June 2021

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While Kourtney herself didn't have much to say if she was ready to be ringed, a source had exclaimed that the topic is on the table, and the couple might sport a ring soon. The Entertainment Tonight source had said, "Kourtney and Travis really recognize now more than ever how special their relationship is and how fortunate they are to spend their time together whether it's just the two of them, with friends, or with their families. They could also definitely see themselves ending up together one day, and it's really whatever makes Kourtney happy." They also said that the couple is "just living in the moment and enjoying each day" along with "Building a future together in a more permanent respect could likely happen."

Another source of Entertainment Tonight had said, "getting engaged and married one day has definitely been a topic of conversation between Kourtney and Travis. Travis would absolutely love to tie the knot with Kourtney, but Kourtney hasn't been sure that's the step she wants to take in their relationship right now. She is extraordinarily happy and doesn't feel the need or want the pressure of getting married."

Kourtney and Travis get engaged, October 17, 2021

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Despite much news that the couple is taking its time and ascending the steps slowly, Kravis had finally announced their engagement which came along with a heavenly picture of the happily engaged couple standing amidst a sea of roses. Travis popped the question to Kourtney on the Montecito beach as they stood together in the middle of a heart made of the sweetest red roses and lighted candles. Kourtney shared the amazing news with friends and family through her Instagram account with the caption 'Forever,' and Travis was quick to comment 'FOREVER' right back at her.  

Wishing many more years of blessed happiness to the lovely couple!