Adele Finally Teases her 4th Album After Years of Wait.
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 06 Oct 2021 13:49:51 GMT
Image Source: Final News24

The whole world had been collectively holding its breath waiting for Adele's fourth album, and the singer finally gave her fan some much-needed good news!

For a long, long while, everyone would speculate that Adele would release her fourth album at long-last, but whenever fans asked how it was coming along, she would always say that she was clueless. Her last album had dropped back in November 2015, when she was aged 25, and had released her third music collection. The collection climbed up charts in no time at all and won the honor of being the 4th best-selling album of the 21st century. The honor of the top spot is also held by Adele, for that matter, which is secured in place by her second album, 21.

Rumors of her dropping an album again ran high when she hosted the Saturday Night Live show in October 2020, but again, she didn't perform and didn't reveal any details about her new music. She explained, "There's a couple of reasons. My album's not finished, and I'm too scared to do both. I'd rather just put on some wigs — and this is all mine, by the way — have a glass of wine, or six, and just see what happens."

 The Oscar winner stayed away from the paps for a long time after her SNL appearance and then once again showed up looking incredible in a lime green feathered coat at the Oscars afterparty for Daniel Kaluuya. Obviously, no details were revealed about her album again.

The singer hence has been continuously posted by intent fans who just can't let the idea of Adele releasing new music go away. She even once joked that her fans were a "bunch of f—king savages" in 2019 for their insistent requests of music and joked that her fourth album, "30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you." 'You' being her fans. The actress is otherwise known for her pop hits.

Good news, however, rolled in by the end of 2020, when session musician Matt Chamberlain revealed in December 2020 that Adele was finally working on writing some new music. She was said to be working closely with writer Rick Nowels, who also aided her in her '25' album. The famous songwriter has worked with an impressive array of singers ranging from Madonna, Dua Lipa to Lykke Li and also has been writing for Lana Del Ray since 2012.

Her fans are now using the trending hashtag #Adele4 to make their request for the album heard, and whenever it is released, the album is going to soar on all charts and be a megahit. In fact, nothing else could be expected from the 'Big Four' winning singer. Back in 2012, the singer had become the second artist and the first female to secure the big win at Grammys. She had swept all the four categories of Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. Later, Billie Eilish became the third artist to secure all four awards. 

Here is everything that you need to know about the decade's most anticipated album!

The Single - "Easy On Me"

The singer just did a complete redo of all her social media handles earlier this month in October 2021 and declared that her 4th album is going to release. She dropped the news along with the preview of the lead single of the album, which is titled - "Easy On Me."

Billboard announcements around the globe.

The album's billboards have been spotted in major cities around the globe all the way from London, Dubai, Los Angeles, Paris, and many more. The album comes under Sony productions which is the parent company of Adele's parent record company, Columbia Records. The albums are named after numbers of the age at which Adele wrote the songs. They are 19, 21, 25, and now 30, although the actress has passed her 33rd year, but must have started writing it from when she was 30. The number was hinted at in her joke post where she had written, "30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you."

Critics and friends are in awe of her music.

Her friend Alan Carr revealed to Michelle Visage of Grazia magazine that the album is extremely good, saying, "I've actually heard some tracks on it. Oh my God, it's amazing — so amazing. That voice is like an old friend because there are some people in the charts who sound a bit like Adele, and then when you hear Adele's voice, you go, 'Oh, no, there's only one.'"

Maybe no Beyoncé?

Credits: ABCNews

Fans have been wondering for a long time if Beyoncé will be featuring in the fourth album by Adele, but her producer Ryan Tedder finally laid the rumors to rest. Still, the singers are great friends.

Adele had told Rolling Stone in 2011, "I was about to meet Beyoncé, and I had a full-blown anxiety attack. Then she popped in looking gorgeous and said. 'You're amazing! When I listen to you, I feel like I'm listening to God.' Can you believe that?" 

Then six years later, Adele dedicated her album to Beyoncé during the year's Grammys. She also appreciated the Queen's work through an Instagram post and said, "Thank you, Queen, for always making us all feel so loved through your art."

So, keep your fingers crossed for Adele to drop the album pretty soon!