Adria Arjona shares representing the Hispanic community is her priority
by Ana Walia | Tue, 12 Oct 2021 15:33:12 GMT
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Puerto Rican actress, Adria Arjona  rose to fame after she played the roles of Dorothy Gale in the Oz book adaptation of Emerald City and Anathema Device in the TV adaptation of Good Omens.

The actress is also the new face of Armani Beauty fragrance and will soon be seen in Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff ‘Morbius’ as the female lead, Martine Bancroft. She is also going to star in the Star Wars series, "Andor" on Disney+, Netflix’s "Sweet Girl" and the remake of ‘Father of the Bride’.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Adria, during an interview with Women’s Health Magazine, shared about how her Hispanic heritage has helped her to shape herself and influenced her decisions to become an actress, the roles she picks, and what it means to the actress to represent the Hispanic community in the industry.

Adria started by sharing that she had grown up touring with her musician father, Ricardo Arjona, who is regarded as one of the best-selling Latin American artists in Latin America. Her father’s music has influenced Adria when she picks up a character, thinking about what music that particular character would listen to and what elements will inspire her characters.

Adria Arjona is proud of her Hispanic community. Image Source: Star Wars News Net 

The actress mentioned that being born to a musician father and a writer mother has helped her to expand her horizons and explore dancing, photography, and different outlets in life, and eventually she landed up in the acting business. She quoted, "I love the idea of being able to hide behind someone's face and name and say words that someone else wrote, and you get to explore within that world, and then go back and be yourself. That whole element of being on the road and traveling has helped me really make a career out of it because I have seen and experienced many things."

Adria mentioned that she currently lives in Paris and was living in London at the beginning of the year, which, according to Adria, gives an individual a chance to connect with the country they’re living in. "As a foreigner, I learn from each culture as much as I can. Meeting people from different parts of Europe, Latin America, and the United States makes you more empathetic before judging anyone", she added.

The actress draws a comparison between her family in Puerto Rico and her friends and works for a family in Mexico, stating that they could not be more different but that they understand the differences, accept them, and embrace those differences in what she considers to be a beautiful process.

The daughter of a renowned musician mentioned that wherever she goes, her heritage goes along, and she will never deny where she comes from. Adria mentioned that she does not get upset with the fact that she is cast as a Latina, but she is very proud of it. The actress added, "I can play many other roles [that aren't about my ethnicity] as many other women do from other countries. I go everywhere with my chin held up high and am very proud to be Latin American".

"When it comes to choosing the right roles, I'm always very conscious that there's a whole generation of young Latin actors and actresses that I need to open doors for, and that's the most important." Source: PEOPLE

For Adria, representing her heritage and the Hispanic community on-screen is a priority, and it gives her goosebumps when she thinks about it. She wants to break the stereotypes that are already there in the Latin community and aspires to portray characters that show the Latin community in a broader and relatable way.

She adds, "When it comes to choosing the right roles, I'm always very conscious that there's a whole generation of young Latin actors and actresses that I need to open doors for, and that's the most important."

Talking about being the face of Armani Beauty, the actress mentioned that it is a huge honor for her to be a part of such a prestigious beauty brand that cares about its consumers and brings great products to the market, along with caring about the planet too. The Latin actress who will be seen in the next Star Wars series shared, "Every part of My Way Intense (Armani Beauty’s new fragrance) is thinking about a better future. The perfume is the first carbon-neutral one and reduces carbon emissions. Every part of the bottle is recyclable and comes from recycled parts, plus it's refillable. It smells incredible."

Adria went on to explain that the message behind My Way Intense is to expand your horizons, live life your way, and not compare yourself with anyone else. She further adds, "It’s such a joyful campaign, and I got really lucky that we are in sync about everything that this perfume stands for. I love every element of it."

Adria Arjona feels honored to be the new face of Armani Beauty. Source: HOLA

Adria Arjona states that she values working with brands like Armani because they take responsibility for the environment while being pioneers in the industry. She said that it is admirable that the brand is focusing on making sustainable products and sourcing the ingredients used sustainably. Armani is  promoting entrepreneurship within the communities that they're taking their sources from like vanilla in Madagascar. 

The actress believes that a good perfume brings out the best in people and gives one a shield of confidence that can make one feel good about themselves, and thus, she feels honored and grateful that she is the new face of Armani Beauty.

Sharing about her upcoming projects, Adria stated that she filmed Morbius before lockdown, which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her because Daniel Espinosa, the director, is so talented, and it was just a really fun movie. She seemed excited about the Star Wars series too but mentioned that she couldn’t say much.

"Father of the Bride" was probably one of the most fun movies Adria has ever filmed according to the actress. She went on to explain jokingly that since everyone’s Hispanic, and was speaking Spanish, it was really  easy to connect with them but the  crew that didn’t speak Spanish probably wanted to kill them all. "We would have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. We were like, we filmed for 18 hours, how are we still together? This is insane! I love you all so much, but too much! So that was really fun. I was able to speak Spanish on set and, culturally, everyone is so similar. It was just a blast", she lastly added. 

Information Source: Women's Health Magazine