All the Best Autumn Fits That Harry Styles Wore
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 07 Oct 2021 11:45:31 GMT
Image Source: Insider, The Every Girl

Harry Styles never ceases to amaze with his impressive collection of glorious outfits. From skirts to trousers and dresses, Harry Styles has worn it all and manages to rock every bit of fabric that he ever chooses to wear, no less. He simply isn't a conservative suit-pants dresser, and when he does wear something traditional, he succeeds in making it extraordinary, too. 

His ensemble collection ranges from glorified statement pieces from big brand fashion houses to casual, laid-back looks that you can recreate with clothes from your local store. When in full glam settings, his choice of attire consists of chic silk shirts that feature vintage-inspired prints. His bottoms of choice are usually pleated high-waisted pants. He doesn't shy away from wrapping around a feather boa or so around his neck or wear a crocheted sweater because honestly, everything looks great on the rock fashion icon!

And yet, if you are to catch him casually strolling about his streets, his comfortable, effortless attire would still woo you. Besides his designer wears that you can or can not afford, he also features a strong affection for choicest shoes, most of which fall on the affordable size of your budget and surely enough sell out fast enough, too. 

Credits: GQ

Yet he was just seen strolling about in a very chilled-out attire at the beginning of this fall that would totally appease the anxious person inside you that can not seem to find weather-appropriate fits for this time of the year. He spotted a hot pink hoodie sourced from Pagaia that kept the chills of the turning weather at bay. The top was paired with Vouri Kore-style shorts that would come in handy in the latter part of the day when the weather turns a bit higher. 

Of course, the style icon couldn't go by a day without picking out a piece from his Gucci wardrobe. So, he chose to wear a feathered suit from Gucci's Fall-Winter 2021 collection while he performed at the Madison Square Garden in one of his five sold-out shows. The perfect combination of effortless and classy, right and well, who could do it better than the One Direction alum? The look was finished off with a great pair of kicks from Nikes. 

Fall is soon going to reach its crescendo, which will, of course, make picking up-fits for the day very difficult. What could a person even choose to wear for days that tend to change the weather six times a day? From chilly mornings to afternoons that smolder and nights that give you frostbites, fall-outfits are a different kind of challenge. However, Harry Styles's perfect curation of chill weather hoodies and summer shorts will help you pass your day with relative ease. 

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Gucci Tee and Coat Look

Credits: TheEveryGirl

You need to have a special sense of fashion, Harry Styles-esque, if you may, to match a dress coat with a tee and make it a 'look.' He paired a tweed wool coat with a printed tee featuring 'Harry Styles' written in an arrow-pierced heart. The look was worn with loose twill pants that are nice to ward off some chill, and yet the flowy fabric doesn't make you feel slick with sweat in autumn afternoons. 

If you wish to recreate the look, choose a tee that can be worn on the hottest of days in summer, and then wear it under a jacket or a wool coat that keeps you toasty on chilly mornings. The effortless look has a practical side as you can easily remove your coat as the temperature soars and then wear the coat again as the day descends into a cold evening. 

Sheep-print sweater vest

Credits: Vogue

For the far side of autumn, when the days are chillier than stuffy, a sweater needs to be your staple piece in the wardrobe, and Harry Styles knows just this. The British singer who shares his name with the British royal definitely looked regal in a royal blue sheep-print sweater. He wore it over a striped shirt and paired it with striped slacks that completed the ensemble. 

A similar look in red was worn by Diana, the Princess of Wales, and she sure made the ugly print look royal. During days when you badly need layering up, a wooly ensemble like the one Harry wore definitely gives a choice to strip down an extra layer if the weather unexpectedly turns a bit warm or if the heat is keeping things toasty. 

Credits: Vogue

He has also been seen wearing big-collared shirts paired with classy suits and don on a nice pair of shades despite the sun's minimal presence. Harry Styles has a great eye when it comes to style wear, and his unisex attires can work for you in spite of whatever identity you choose to go with.