Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dating again?
by Navya | Fri, 20 Aug 2021 05:57:24 GMT
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Bennifer is going to happen again!

After 20 years of separation, it seems like Jennifer and Ben Affleck are reuniting again. The entertainment news in the past few months has been abuzz with Bennifer roaming and PDA-ing publicly. After Jennifer called it quits with Alex Rodriguez, it seems like the couple lowkey wants to be together. According to People, the ex-couple started discussing their future. While Jennifer is throwing hints on Instagram, the duo isn’t responding to news reports quoting them “Soul mates.”

That sounds great! But why have they stopped seeing each other in the first place? Well, that’s a long story. But let me brush up on your Bennifer knowledge in brief:

The box office bomb, Gigli, helped the duo meet and understand their feelings for each other for the first time. Things soon skyrocketed as Jennifer divorced her second husband, Chris Judd, for Ben Affleck. 

It was in November 2002 when Bennifer became a reality. As Ben proposed to Jennifer with a 6.1-carat pink diamond ring, the paparazzi went gaga over the couple’s marriage.

Jennifer and Ben called their wedding off in 2003 and shocked everyone. Although the couple quoted excessive media frenzy as a reason to call off their marriage, the real cause wasn’t made public until now. The separated couple only called for peace and privacy through their separation process. 

The couple chose to stay quiet until 2008. They suddenly opened up about what went wrong in 2008. Ben said that he and Jennifer had made a mistake and were too accessible, which has taken a heavy toll on their relationship, in British TV live. Jennifer also admitted that the Media frenzy had ruined things for them. “There was a genuine love there,” said Jennifer.

Fast forward to 2021, Bennifer 2.0 seems like a probability after approximately 20 years. Jennifer has been spotted with Ben numerous times this year that fed the rumors that the couple is planning their future together. 

The ‘on and off’ couple vacationed in Montana recently. According to People and Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer has been contemplating getting back together with Ben after all these years of separation.

May 24, 2021

The couple was captured hugging and kissing in a gym on May 24th this year. Speculators are ablaze with fan theories and rumors that the chemistry and fun together is something envying.

The couple was spotted lounging together in an expensive apartment rented by Jennifer. As soon as the separated couple felt that the spark is still alive, they revealed it to their near and dear ones. The couple made it official in front of their friends about their ‘fresh restart.’

The duo enjoyed another romantic dinner date together in June, while Ben met Jennifer’s mother recently. On July 25, 2021, ending all the hush-hush, Jennifer shared a glimpse into the mid-make-out session of her and Ben confirming the speculations. 

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Jennifer has celebrated Ben’s 49th birthday lowkey on August 18th. The couple seemed happy and joyous as they had a little family time on Ben’s birthday. 

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Enter August, Bennifer is seen everywhere in L.A. It seems that the media frenzy can’t get them this time. Well, that’s good for Bennifer.