Are Rihanna and A$AP Rocky engaged?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 23 Mar 2022 16:54:47 GMT
Rihanna and Rocky shared their pregnancy news as they paired it with a chic maternity shoot; Credits Economic India Times

Congratulations might be in order for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. There are rumors going about that the two musicians have got engaged and a massive diamond ring might be enough proof of the engagement.

The very pregnant entrepreneur dropped off a large hint, probably referring to a secret engagement with her long-time boyfriend. She debuted her gigantic, round diamond ring when looking for baby clothes. 

The couple was recently seen shopping for clothes in LA with her baby's father, and during the outing, fans caught a massive diamond ring sparkling on her engagement finger. Cut to a round, circular frame the huge diamond was enveloped with a thick gold band for the ring backdrop. 

Rihanna wore a graphic t-shirt in black for her outing, pairing the top with aa pair of low-rise jeans. The outfit was just perfect to bring all the glory to her beautifully growing baby bump. She capped out her outfit with a red and yellow baseball cap as she strolled around Kitson buying clothes for her baby to come. 

The "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" singer and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky are presently in a good place in their relationship. Their long-time relationship is going well and it makes sense for the rapper to get down on his knee and propose as they are now expecting a child together. 

Sources had already been saying that Rihanna and Rocky are on the verge of getting engaged for a long while now. A report in January had claimed that Rocky was planning to pop the question to the Fenty beauty owner. 

The news had also reported that Rocky had developed a warm and cordial relationship with Rihanna's family. It wouldn't be surprising if he would want to be a part of her officially too. 

Needless to say, the couple is sure that they are perfect for each other and that they would want to get married someday in the future. Having had the talks about marriage and children as reported by various sources, it would be nice to see wedding bells ringing for the couple. 

Having already moved to have children together, Rihanna might be getting ready to walk down the aisle soon. Sources have claimed that the two have found a good place in their relationship since they have discovered that they are pregnant. 

Sources claim that Rocky is very excited to have the child with her and is ready to jump to his role as the father of the singer's child. He is supportive of her and has helped her throughout her pregnancy the entire time. 

In fact, their near ones are saying that he has not left her side since they have become expecting parents and that he is more in love with her than ever before. The rapper is persistent about showing Rihanna that he will be a great father to their children. 

A source of Hollywood Life shared that the rapper has been very helpful to Rihanna in her motherhood. The two can be seen together as Rihanna attends her appointments with doctors. They are also usually seen running errands together, just like their baby cloth shopping outing. 

A source also shared that the mindful rapper is most likely to be seen rubbing her feet and aiding the singer with other pregnancy issues. It is safe to say that he is as regular a dad as anyone else. 

Considering Rihanna is getting to see the affectionate and paternal side of her boyfriend, it would have been an easy decision for her to say yes to the rapper if he has already proposed. The two are living a pretty domestic life, with the rapper turning down parties and meetups with friends to stay with a pregnant girlfriend. 

The two had shared their happy news about expecting a child together earlier this year on January 31. They paired the announcement with a photoshoot from a street as the glowing mother looked regal in her already showing baby bump. However, they shared the happy news with their family first when they traveled to Barbados to be with their friends and family. 

The singer has been very open about her pregnancy and can be seen posting regular pictures showing her baby bump adorned with many accessories. She has endorsed many maternity fashion looks, which are very untraditional, to say the least. 

The two love birds have known each other for about a decade now as they were friends before taking their relationship a notch further. They had begun dating in the pandemic era of 2020. 

Apart from her sporting the massive ring during the outing, Rihanna seemed to have shared another hint with her fans. Apparently, during her shopping trip, the lady picked an orange ruffled dress for her baby. The small hint during Target shopping has made fans believe that she is having a girl child. 

Rihanna wore a massive circular diamond ring on her ring finger during an outing; Credits: Hollywood Life

While the couple has not confirmed either of the news with their fans, there still is plenty to celebrate for the two!