Ariana Grande's Sweet Message on Beau Dalton Gomez's Birthday
by Susweta Bose | Mon, 09 Aug 2021 15:10:03 GMT
via Wion

Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande are known to be a private couple. They were recently only seen on social media when the singer-songwriter took to Insta to post a charming message for her husband’s birthday. On August 7, Ariana posted a few unseen pictures of their wedding along with an image from their honeymoon. While posting their honeymoon picture, where they can be seen nestled in oversized Dutch shoes, Ariana wrote, “Happy birthday to my husband and best friend! I love you infinitely.”

via ETOnline

When it comes to the couple's relationship, a source recently told ET that the pair have "really been enjoying married life." 

"Ariana is happy and feels very relaxed," the source said. "She feels like she is entering a new chapter of life and is excited to see where it goes."

"Ariana and Dalton felt like before they were married they couldn't be as open about their relationship without it being scrutinized in the media and now they feel way more at ease," ET's source added. "They have plans to travel more together and feel closer than ever." According to the source, the two enjoy "making unified decisions."

"Ariana is Dalton's first priority in everything that they do and he really values her and shows it," the source said. "Ariana loves that Dalton is super chill and how understanding he is of her."

The couple officially tied the knot in May 2021 and was engaged to each other since December 2020. Their ceremony had 20 guests only.  A source can be quoted telling the People, “It was tiny and intimate…. The room was so happy and full of love. The couple and both families couldn't be happier.” Another source also told People that the couple values their privacy the most. He said, “Ari's family is very happy. Everyone loves Dalton. He is great for Ari. This phase of her life has been very quiet and uneventful in a good way.”