Aubrey O’Day describes her relationship with Pauly D as 'toxic'. Find details here.
by Ana Walia | Tue, 22 Nov 2022 20:47:52 GMT
Aubrey O’Day talks about relationship with Pauly D. Image Source: US Weekly 

Aubrey O’Day talks about her relationship with Pauly D.

Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D dated from February 2016 to July 2017 and they made an appearance together on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars. Aubrey O’Day is now opening up about her relationship with reality TV star and DJ Pauly D through her music, and she has nothing to hide.

Aubrey O’Day spoke to Nischelle Turner of ET and said that she felt that she was gracious with what she had put up in her new single, "Couple Goals," which is out now on OnlyFans, and revealed that she had not informed Pauly D about the new single, which is about him. The singer said that Pauly D blocked her on everything the second they broke up and took the pictures off his social media, and she was not even able to call him up on his phone because maybe he changed it.

Aubrey O’Day shared with TooFab that she waited until now to release her song because she was focused on herself and wanted to heal first before doing anything publicly. She explained that thanks to the internet and social media, people's words are now immortal, and they can be made liable for what they said 20 years ago. As a result, she avoided speaking and she was still hurt or unhappy.

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She went on to say that she wants to make sure she's completely recovered and she's coming from a sincere goal of sharing art, with no bad intentions, because that would be like perverting her craft. She told the website that she went to Bali to heal and have an amazing experience and that she feels ready to talk about the things she has already been through in life since everyone likes to misreport them.

While she claims she is not coming from a place of distress or frustration, some of the song's lyrics are quite highlighted. She sings that the love she gave to him was rare but he never really cared about it leading to sing that she kind of liked being the only one alive who knows how he loves and lies. 

Aubrey went on to say that if she were to communicate from her greatest transformed self, she would say that their relationship was extremely toxic, but she will not start pointing fingers because if a person chooses to accept and continues to receive that behavior and stays, there has to be something toxic and unhealthy improper with them as well. She went on to say that she does leave room for the possibility that people can be preferable to other individuals in relationships after their past, and that they may be less toxic if they have a person who is more suitable to them.

However, she stated that she was not the person who brought out the best in him, and he was not the person who brought out the finest in her. The singer clarified that if it appears that she was referring to it as a "two-way street," it was because he was toxic and she was permitting it. Because they met on a reality show, O'Day claims she wasn't receiving the real Pauly D when they initially started dating. She described how she was developing a character and how some individuals are very ready with their personality and very equipped and conscious of how they will manifest themself to people, and those usually people earn the most money, as she is certain everyone knows, but she finds it a little more difficult to be that.

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Though she had never given up her work for a man, she said she reached an age where she wanted to have kids and be in a true partnership and made the decision she was prepared to compromise could get what she wished. Aubrey adds that it becomes an extremely toxic dynamic when individual wishes to do it with someone where the common ground is always his way or no way or consequences, and she will not think she realized at the time how much she didn't love, value, or recognize her gifts and that she would do better than what her early life taught her.

When Aubrey and Pauly D split up, she felt he underplayed their relationship. She went on to say that the length of their relationship was minimized, as was the ending, and the effect she had on his and his daughter's lives were minimized. Aubrey goes she was identified as someone he met at a certain point and then someone his daughter met once, which he regrets, and then he'll never let her meet anybody else until he finds a person who is the right one. The singer asserted that she felt a lot of anger at the time for being so completely disproven because she fell in love with the child and lost her, and that was an experience she had to heal from, and that is presumably not an issue he is attempting to deal with much.

Pauly D has not yet commented on the situation.