Bad news for New Zealand: Lost the exclusive series “The Lord of the Rings” to Britain.
by Surabhi Goel | Fri, 13 Aug 2021 15:28:04 GMT
Lord of the Rings screenshot. (Image Source: Quartz)

New Zealand was connected to “The Lord of the Rings” based on the novel written by J.R.R.Tolkien since 1999 from the start of the series. Amazon studios declared on Friday that the second season of the series will be produced in Britain.

The big blow came as unemployment to many in New Zealand. The amount spends in producing the series is the most expensive in history, with Amazon spending at least $465 million in the first season in New Zealand. 

The adventure series engaged 1200 people in New Zealand officially and 700 unofficially.

Denise Roche, director of Equity NZ stated that it was a shock to everyone and he felt that the tech people or the small units who invested in producing this series had any indication about this shocking news.

Recording began last year but was held up owing to coronavirus. Post-recording on the first season will be carried on in New Zealand till June before the launch of Prime Video in September next year.

Amazon studio. (Image Source: Medium)

The decision of shifting the venue came immediately after four months when Amazon signed the treaty with the New Zealand government to get an additional 5 percent rebate on 20 percent. The studio was claiming earlier also from New Zealand taxpayers under a screen production grant. 

Many locations across the world take part in productions by charging alike, lavish allowance. At the time of the pact, New Zealand Economic Development Minister Stuart Nash stated that the filming would uplift the economic and tourism sector of the country for further years and will create an enduring heritage for their screen industry.

Nash declared that the New Zealand government came to know only a day before the Amazon statement and was disheartened by the statement. Henceforth, the government withdrew the offer of the extra 5 percent which they promised earlier. 

Amazon in answer to that said that they are not willing to collect the extra money. But will depart with $92 million from New Zealand citizens.

Nash added that a foreign film sector is unimaginably competitive and extremely energetic. They have no issues in giving the unit the best shot with government support. He is extremely disheartened by the internal film industry.

New Zealand suited identical to Tolkien’s world of elves, Hobbits, and orcs after Jackson, the director directed six movies- “The Lord of the Rings” triad and “the Hobbit” triad which in total earned $6 billion at the box office.