Batman In Some Hard-Hitting Action In The Newly Released 'The Batman' Trailer
by Meenakshi | Mon, 18 Oct 2021 05:35:22 GMT
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The second official trailer of the upcoming superhero film The Batman finally debuted at the 2021 DC FanDome, featuring the 35-year-old actor Robert Pattinson in the lead role of Dark Knight with Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle, Andy Serkis as Alfred, Paul Dano as the Riddler, and Colin Farrell as Penguin. The trailer offered some more high-octane and stylish action sequences from the film that the fans and followers didn't get to see in the film teaser released last year.

The trailer showed a more violent version of the Caped Crusader than the one fans have seen over the years in live-action films, as he was seen taking on the adversaries and various villains in hand to hand combat, and in one scene the superhero lovers even get to see him facing incessant gunfire while he walks into what appeared to be a dark room and the trailer also touched upon the complex love-hate relationship between the Dark Knight and his crime partner Catwoman. It also teased the fans about the film's main villain Paul Dano's The Riddler in the much-awaited film.

As to what the superhero lovers could expect from the fan-favorite superhero Batman this time, according to the film director Matt Reeves, "It's about the early days of him being Batman and he's very far from being perfect, one of the things that are interesting is learning how to be Batman. It's a criminological experiment. He's trying to figure out what he can do to change this place. He's seeing he's not having any of the effect he wants to have. That's when the murders start to happen ... and it opens up a whole new world of corruption. Without being an origin tale, it ends up touching on his origins. It's a detective story, a mystery, it's got, of course, action, and it's incredibly personal for him. He's kind of a growing legend and [criminals] are afraid of him. He's not a symbol of hope yet. One of the things he has to deal with is how he's perceived ... What was exciting for me was not doing the origin [story] but to meet him in the middle and to see him make mistakes and grow and fail and be heroic in a way that felt very human and very flawed."

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A part of the DC Extended Universe and reboot in the Batman franchise, the film is based on the fictional comic book character Batman, who debuted in Detective Comics #27 cover in May 1939. The film features a huge list of actors like Robert Pattinson in the role of Bruce Wayne also known as Batman with Zoë Kravitz in the role of Selina Kyle also known as Catwoman, Paul Dano in the role of Edward Nashton also known as Riddler, John Turturro in the role of Carmine Falcone, Peter Sarsgaard in the role of Gil Colson, Barry Keoghan in the role of Stanley Merkel, Jayme Lawson in the role of Bella Reál, Colin Farrell in the role of Oswald "Oz" Cobblepot also known as Penguin, Alex Ferns in the role of Police Commissioner Pete Savage and Con O'Neill have been cast in an unknown role.

Distribution of the film will take place under Warner Bros. Pictures with the production under DC Films. The film is currently set to debut in the theatres on 4th March 2022.