Big Brother winner Taylor Hale discusses "forever" with Joseph Abdin. Details inside.
by Ana Walia | Tue, 22 Nov 2022 21:18:34 GMT
Taylor Hale is the first Black woman to win the show. Image Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Taylor Hale talks about her Big Brother journey and Joseph Abdin

Taylor Hale recently spoke with Hollywood Life and talked about her Big Brother journey and how the response has been since she became the first black woman to win the reality show.

The former beauty pageant queen said that she has received so much love and support from people, especially other black women, who connected with her ups and downs from her journey, which has been so heartwarming for her. She explained that every black woman who approached her, particularly those who had been long-time fans of the show, would say something quite specific in their private lives about their personal experiences in the Big Brother house. They believed that what had occurred could never happen again.

Taylor adds that listening to them makes her feel like it was her whole reason for coming into the game to prove they deserve to be here. The impact that can happen to one person is so much greater than what she ever expected. The former beauty pageant queen was mistreated by houseguests early on in the show, and when asked about it, she said that looking back at some of the conversations from her journey has been hard on her, adding that the audience can clearly understand that the people turned against her very early on and she never tried to speak trashily or poorly about other black people in the house.

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Taylor, who was mistreated by another black contestant in the house, said she is still processing the fact that she did not receive the same treatment from the start, but she can separate the game from personal. Not only the pagent queen won the show, but she also found love in fellow houseguest Joseph Abdin, and now it has been confirmed that the two of them are dating and that she sees a future with him. The pageant beauty explained that they want to make sure that they are taking the right steps and approaching them slowly.

Talking more about her relationship, Taylor Hale stated that they have had the necessary discussions to navigate the muck of the Big Brother house and are now in a very strong, very happy relationship. She admits she has feelings for him. She also affirmed that the two are discussing their career prospects, stating that she wants to work in entertainment news and he desires to establish an attorney practice before they move in together. She added that they are solid wherever they are, and she does not believe distance will be a factor in trying to tear them apart.

Taylor Hale had shared with People magazine that her connection with Joseph has been undeniable, and she knew from the moment he kissed her at the finale night that they will find a way to be together. She adds that he has a heart bigger than the galaxy, and now they have the privilege of sharing their hearts noting that she loves him so much; she is the happiest she has ever been.

Joseph Abdin told People magazine that he knew Taylor was special the moment he saw her, and that their spark began during the show, but they opted to wait till after the game. They've only grown closer and acknowledged what they already knew since then. Joseph adds that it has been a rollercoaster ride, but he doesn't want to share it with anyone appreciating Taylor he said that she is a remarkable woman whom he is honored to call him and noted that she may have won Big Brother, but he had also won so much more.

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In September, she told US Weekly that Joseph is the best support system ever and veryone saw it in the game and regaining it is the greatest thing in the world and added that she doesn't want to rush into a connection with someone, almost trauma-bonding with them. She just wants to make sure she has her head on straight. Taylor added that he's great and once her head is back in the normal world, then they can get serious about exploring. It was also reported that Joseph Abdin attended the Miss USA pageant in Nevada along with her, and said it was wonderful to see this part of her life and how it shaped her. They met Taylor's mother there.

Taylor Hale was asked if she'd be interested in a shortened, 3-4-week game with other winners or all-stars during an interview with Hollywood Life. She stated that she would be interested in a condensed game, which she believes would be cool. Taylor also mentioned four-time player Janelle Pierzina as the person she would most like to work with in a future season. She stated that she believes she is the coolest person ever, but she has yet to meet her, so if her first meeting with her was in the Big Brother house, that would be extremely cool.