Billy Porter remarks, "Magic has NO gender"
by Mahima Jhawar | Sat, 18 Sep 2021 06:43:48 GMT
Image Source: Daily Advent

Billy Porter is an American actor cum singer who achieved recognition even before starting his career as a solo actor and singer by performing on Broadway.

Recently, Billy was seen in the role of a ‘Magician’ in the movie Cinderella supporting the lady lead to get out from the home bondage and enjoy her freedom by joining the gathering at the castle. His role in the film was highly appreciated, and on being asked about the same in an exclusive interview by The Times, he remarked that Magic has no gender. Especially in movies like this which is one for the new millennium, magic looks even more appealing, and so does the role played by Porter.

He adds that the movie ‘Cinderella’ marks women empowerment and has its own style of taking the old fairytale into account and presenting it in a manner presenting the problems of the modern world and making it a bit relevant for the time of today.

His role of Fab G is a new interpretation of the fairy godmother that comes to the rescue of the lady lead, putting aside the vice of gender discrimination in its own unique and “magical” way.

Further, he shared his exciting experience at a personal level to act like a queer black actor in this film’s business, considering the fact that Hollywood hasn’t been much of a welcoming space for him to display what he naturally is.

Sharing a glimpse of his appearance in the film ‘Cinderella’ -

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Along with his acting skills, he also showcased his singing in a song together with Camila (the lady lead) and had a great time filming together.

Later he told The Times about his current work of directing his first feature film called 'What If', which is going to be changed because of a Marvel show being telecasted now by the same name.