Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds expecting their fourth child
by Ana Walia | Thu, 15 Sep 2022 21:04:11 GMT
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Image Source: Independent 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting baby number four.

The goofy couple, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who are parents to three daughters, James, Inez, and Betty, are now expecting baby number four together.

Blake Lively flaunted her growing baby belly to the photographers while walking the red carpet of the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women's Summit on Thursday in New York City. Blake Lively accessorized with gigantic silver rings, enormous silver modular hoops, and glittering hair accessories, going for retro Hollywood glam with a hint of the 1970s. She styled her hair in a conventional curl as well, but she used an ivory creme ribbon headband to tuck her bangs back.

According to various outlets, during the event, the actress said that she just likes to create, whether that is baking or storytelling or businesses, or people, she just likes to create. The couple has seemingly kept their daughters away from the limelight, but that has never stopped the couple from talking about their kids in public.

In a May interview with Forbes, Blake Lively said that having children had made her a lot more at ease in her skin. She added that she had never felt more confident or like herself, noting that there are still plenty of insecurities that constantly attack her, but she feels incredibly at ease.

Blake Lively at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit. Image Source: Vanity Fair 

Blake Lively recently spoke to Vogue and shared that when her kids are giving her attitude, she always shows them a picture of her red carpet looks and tells them this is their mother. She added that c’mon she tries to tell them that she is real-life royalty and they are lucky that she is raising them, but none of her daughters buy it or believe it.

Ryan Reynolds was asked the secret of their marriage last year during an interview, to which he said that it’s simple, which is that he and Blake Lively admire each other, and added that they really liked each other before as friends beforehand, and now they like each other even more. Everyone is aware of the couple’s extreme sense of humor, which is also adorable. Keeping that in mind, Ryan Reynolds tweeted in 2016 that being a father is the single greatest feeling on earth, not including those wonderful years he had spent without a child, of course.

When Ryan Reynolds was asked about his "sabbatical" by LinkedIn News Senior Editor at Large Jessi Hempel, he said that the most important thing for him is that he does not want to miss this time with his children. In a later statement, Ryan Reynolds stated that he just wants to enjoy life like a normal human, adding that he wants his children to have a fairly routine. For many years, he would either not be filming and be with the kids when his wife Blake was, or vice versa. As a result, they would trade off. They never actually worked together, yet they were constantly on the go which is why the kids were also away.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with their daughters. Image Source: People

The Deadpool actor continued by saying that as his children become older, his lifestyle has become tougher. He stated that he genuinely appreciates being a present father and that he thinks it's crucial for their growth that they attend school and have a relatively regular schedule.

Ryan continued by saying that he enjoys dropping them off and getting them up from school and that he appreciates having the time in between to work on his hobbies, such as MNTN and Maximum Effort. It is like juggling. Since meeting and co-starring in Green Lantern in 2010, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been a couple and they got married in 2012. Neither the couple nor their representatives could be reached for a comment on such a wonderful news. 

Congratulations to the couple!