Britney Spears addresses Jayden James Federline's claims in an open letter
by Ana Walia | Fri, 02 Sep 2022 17:10:50 GMT
Britney Spears writes an open letter to Jayden James. Image Source: Complex 

Britney Spears writes an open letter to Jayden James after his comments on her health and much more.

Britney Spears decided to respond to her son and his claims and shared a post in which she mentioned that she has tried her best to be the best person she can be. The singer stated that she hopes her children will understand how it feels to be held as a hostage in a home under nurses and bullshit and that they will eventually understand her reasoning for her play in the water, revealing herself as any woman would do under blankets and supervision under the conservatorship.

Britney Spears added further that at the age of 40 when she is finally without the restraint of what her family did to her, she says to her son that she sends all the love in the world to him every single day for the rest of her life, and added that her love for her children has no boundaries and it saddens her deeply to know about his outcry of saying that she was not up to her expectations of a mother. The singer said that she hopes that one day her son and she can meet face-to-face and talk about the situation openly, and he can explain to her why their entire family did what they did to her.

Britney added that she helped their father, Kevin Federline, who has not had a job in 15 years, and mentioned that she assumed it was easier for them to not have someone check on them to make sure they are doing the homework, and added that she assumed that the standard of Kevin’s smoking weed every day benefits their lives at the ages of 15 and 16, allowing them to partake in a "very cool generation". The newly married Britney Spears said to Jayden that she understands the need for them to live with their father, as she had to play the perfect role for 15 years for absolutely nothing, adding that she is so happy that she was able to carry four tours, judge X Factor and do way more, adding that she did all of that for him and his brother.

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She continued and addressed Sean Preston, stating that she is aware of his gift and knows that he is a teacher in her life and stated that dear child, she is a teacher for them as well. Britney took a dig at Kevin Federline and said that it’s horrible to see him be a hypocrite and say that the media is horrible but he has both of the kids talking about personal matters with them, and added that if he can pause for a second and know where he came from, she wishes that her children could look in the mirror and remember that they are Britney Spears’ children and always be and nothing is going to change that. 

Britney added that since Sean Preston did not speak, she sends him love and would love nothing more than to see them face-to-face. She mentioned that Preston should keep playing his gift on the piano. She added that she is proud of both of them and feels immense pride in calling them her children. Further stating that as for her mental health, she added that Jayden James must learn to pick up a book and read one before he resorts to even thinking about her intellect and asked Kevin Federline to go and try to mow the lawn and stated that if they can honestly sit back and say with their sensitive brilliant minds what their grandmother and grandfather did to her was fine and call them not the bad people, then maybe she did fail as a mother and hopefully, that’s a chat for him and his father to sit face to face and try to learn what’s good. 

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Kevin Federline in a previous interview did mention that the boys have questions about her conservatorship but there is not much that he can explain to them and that is something that their mother could explain them better but added that he tries to tell them that Britney Spears has her own way of dealing and healing from the things she has been through and as a family they have to respect it and accept it. 

Jayden James in an interview said that he hopes that in future they can all sit and talk about the family feud in person and possibly reach at a peaceful place. He also mentioned that the reason why he and Sean Preston did not attend her wedding was because Britney decided not to extend the invitation to the entire family and it was just Jayden and Sean which made them feel awkward. Jayden James remarks on his mother comes after a teaser of Kevin Federline was released stating that he was worried about Britney at the time but he needed to make his boys the priority not Britney Spears' legal drama. Britney Spears recently shared a 22-minute audio on her YouTube which has now been deleted in which the singer opened up about her conservatorship and how it made her feel like her family had abandoned her.