Britney Spears gets candid about her conservatorship in her 22-minute audio
by Ana Walia | Tue, 30 Aug 2022 20:22:16 GMT
Britney Spears is opening up like never before. Image Source: Billboard

Britney Spears is opening up like never before.

Britney Spears dropped a 22-minute voice memo on her YouTube page and posted the link on her Twitter account. In that voice memo, the iconic singer discussed her life, including conservatorship and much more.

In the audio, which has now been private, Britney Spears shared that she had a ton of opportunities, including an interview with Oprah Winfrey where she was asked to share the challenges and struggles she faced with her conservatorship and whatever was going on in her mind, to which she said that the reason why she has not taken up any such offers is that she finds the concept of selling her story silly and said that she thinks it’s irrelevant to her.

Britney Spears added that she can't talk about the difficulties of her 13-year conservatorship in a face-to-face interview because they are too personal. She went on to say that while she had made the decision to publish it herself, there were still certain issues that bothered her. She said that she had always been afraid of what people would think, as well as of being judged and embarrassed by the whole situation in general.

The singer said that now she finally feels like she is in a place where she is ready to openly share her thoughts and what she has been through. She started by stating that in her mid-20s, her father, Jamie Spears, who was her conservator, did not allow her to see anyone or anything for reasons that eluded Britney, adding that things started to get worse when a Swat team came to her house while three helicopters circled overhead, holding her down on a gurney.

Britney Spears shared in her voice that there was 200 media personnel outside her home photographing her through the ambulance's window while holding her down on a gurney and that she now realizes that it was planned. She went on to say that her mother, Lynne Spears, helped her father, Jamie Spears, execute the conservatorship after an (unnamed) woman recommended it to him. The singer said that everything was an elaborate setup and added that she didn't have any alcohol or drugs in her system, claiming that everything was simply pure abuse. She has only made a portion of it known.

The singer said that she started working and had to follow instructions when she was out two weeks later. She also added that she had heard comments about how overweight she was and had been obliged to go to the gym as a result. The singer claimed that she had never felt so disheartened. Britney Spears continued by claiming that her family made her feel like she was nothing and that she continued because she was terrified of what would occur. However, she did not really do anything to cause a Swat team to arrive. The singer admitted in her recording that she didn't understand anything at the moment.

Britney said that at the time, she was on autopilot mode, no control over her music, and she didn't give a damn because she couldn't go anywhere, keep the nannies she wanted, or keep the money. She called the situation demoralizing and added that she felt like she was a part of a conspiracy where people were pretending to treat her like a superstar while treating her like nothing.

The singer said that she started to feel like she was getting her spark back when she started creating the 2016 album Glory but she knew that she had to simply play the role that everything was OK all the time and had to go along with it because she knew that they might damage her. Britney Spears reminded the audience that, according to her father's regulations, she is 30 years old after 15 years of traveling and performing. Her mother is present when all of this is happening, as are her brother, her friends, and her family, all of whom are complicit in it.

The Toxic singer said she was in a state of disbelief when she heard that she had to be transported away to a facility and that she was required to announce on her social media that the reason was that her father is unwell and she needed therapy. During the same time, a movement titled #FreeBritney had started to gain the momentum among the fans and everyone who wanted the best for the singer which eventually led to Britney wonder why her family wasn't taking similar action just like the people on the streets were doing her. 

She further continued that the whole thing that made it confusing for her was that these people on the street were fighting for her, but her sister and her mother weren’t doing anything, mentioning that she couldn’t process how her family went along with it for so long, adding that she felt like her family threw her away.

Britney said that she knew, in her very soul, that she had done nothing wrong and hadn't earned the treatment she was receiving. Britney was upset with her mother, alleging that she would unintentionally remain silent when reporters phoned and would afterward apologize and explain that she simply doesn't know what to do with anything wrong. Britney threatened to spit in the faces of her mother and other relatives if she saw them today, asking, "How the f**k did they get away with it?"

In her final remarks, Britney, who just worked with Elton John on her first song in six years, stated that she was expressing her point of view because she wanted people to see that she was a "human being and she feels violated after these circumstances." How can she improve things if she doesn't bring this up? No one is alone, the singer stated, adding that her life has not been simple. Know this if, like her, someone out there is an oddball shy weirdo who frequently feels lonely and needed to hear a story like this today so that they don't feel alone.