Brooke Shields opens up about being sexually assaulted
by Ana Walia | Sat, 21 Jan 2023 19:48:46 GMT
Brooke Shields discusses her sexual assault. Image Source: People 

Brooke Shields discusses her sexual assault.

Brooke Shields opens up for the very first time in depth about being sexually abused in 1987, after having graduated from college, in her documentary film "Pretty Baby," which made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

Brooke says in the two-part documentary that after having to decide to attend Princeton, she attempted to get into Hollywood and had dinner with a man she understood to consider possible projects. The actress continued by stating that the person who she decided to not name in the documentary then convinced her to return to his hotel and assured her that he'd call her a taxi home. The actress also mentioned that she thought that the dinner was a work meeting and she had met that person before and he had always been nice to her but she noted that as soon as they started talking, she could sense a change in his behavior and there was no talk about the movie.

She describes that as the unnamed person asked her, she did go to his hotel room and then witnessed him disappear for a while, and added that he had a set of binoculars that she had picked up and started to watch volleyball players out the window which is when he came back naked. Brooke stated that she cast aside the binoculars and that he was right on her, just like wrestling, she tends to add and describes that she was extremely fearful he would strangle her to death or something, which is why she chose not to fight it out then, she went silent and started to think that no one really should have been enough, and all that happened was going through her mind at the time was her to remain alive and leave.

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The actress claimed that she knew how to dissociate herself from her body and had practiced it. She came downstairs, took a cab, and cried her way to her friend's apartment when it was all over. Brooke Shields, who did admit that she didn't process being sexually assaulted for a long time, blamed herself for the abuse. Brooke decided to tell her security chief, Gavin de Becker about the situation who says in the movie that he was angry to hear her story adding that she is just like a little sister to him and he wanted her to know that she did not do anything wrong. 

He told her that he couldn't trust her or anyone else adding that it was so boring and predictable, it was almost pathetic. Brooke asserted that she did believe she sent out a message and that it was received, adding that she drank wine at dinner, went up to the room, and was simply trusting. The actress claims she confronted her attacker with a letter years later, but it was ignored.

The Endless Love actress stated that she simply raised her hands and said, "What do you think? She declines to be a victim because this happens irrespective of who you are or whether you believe you are prepared for it or not. Brooke Shields stated that she hoped to erase it all from her body and her mind and proceed on her current path. Because the system had never come to her aid, she had no choice but to forge ahead on her own.

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Pretty Baby, directed by Lana Wilson, who also directed Taylor Swift's documentary Miss Americana, follows Brooke Shields across the whole of her career, starting when she was 11 years old in a soap ad and concluding when she is truly ready to reckon on a big platform with her stardom and how she was taken advantage and deeply affected by the industry.

Brooke stated near the end of the documentary that with Pretty Baby, she is fully holding her identity for the first time in almost 56 years, adding that the Pretty Baby—and Brooke Shields—the lesson is that there is no better time than the present.

Pretty Baby will be available later this year on Hulu.