Camila Cabello lists her Los Angeles house for $3.95 million
by Ana Walia | Thu, 11 Nov 2021 21:49:22 GMT
Camila Cabello has listed her Los Angeles' house for sale. Image Source: InStyle

Camila Cabello, an actress, singer, and songwriter, placed her Mediterranean-style property in Los Angeles up for sale on Saturday for a whopping $3.95 million, after two and a half years on the market. The 3,570 square-foot mansion cost the singer $3.38 million.

Camila Cabello's Mediterranean-style home is positioned above the bustling Sunset Strip in the Hollywood Hills and has a list price of approximately $4 million. Since 2019, the Grammy Award-winning singer and composer has owned the three-story, four-bedroom property.

The split-level Camila Cabello’s Mediterranean-style home has a mix of distressed hardwood flooring and imported tile, as well as retractable glass walls and renovated wood that creates an open indoor-outdoor living space. The glass walls open onto a multilevel terrace with a saltwater pool, al fresco dining nooks, and many lounging spots, as well as a fire pit, separate outdoor fireplace, and grill.

Source: DIRT/Redfin

Stainless steel appliances, white cabinetry, stone worktops, and a central island with breakfast bar seating are all featured in the kitchen. It leads to a more formal dining room, which leads to a living room with a Spanish tile fireplace and several seating options.

Source: DIRT/Redfin

The main suite has a fireplace, a walk-in closet, and a freestanding tub in the bathroom. According to the listing held by Compass broker Denise Rosner, Camila Cabello turned one of the four bedrooms on the main level into a private recording studio, according to the listing. The house may be especially interesting to those who are musically inclined.

Source: DIRT/Redfin

Camila Cabello's home, which is perched above the Sunset Strip, is now equipped with security cameras and an alarm, but she did suffer a security breach at the home earlier this year, when her boyfriend Shawn Mendes' Mercedes G-Wagon was reportedly stolen from the driveway while the couple was inside, according to Dirt. The luxury car was located and returned to Mendes shortly after; the suspect, who allegedly grabbed the keys from inside the house before learning the couple was home at the time, was apprehended.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes haven't said where they're headed next, but it doesn't appear like they've purchased another West Coast property just yet. Last year, though, they were seen looking at houses in Miami.

Camila Cabello debuted her latest body art on Sunday, a neck tattoo she received after finishing Robin Wall Kimmerer's non-fiction book, 'Braiding Sweetgrass'. A thin braid twisted into a spiral, which she shared alongside a photo of her new ink with a quote from Kimmerer's book, "The word ecological is derived from the Greek word 'Oikos,' the meaning of home".  The singer continued to speak openly about the book’s impact on her, stating, "My life was revolutionized by this book about indigenous wisdom and plants. I knew after reading it that I’d never look at the world and all of its inhabitants in the same way again. "

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Camila Cabello went on to remark that the book had taught her a lot about "reciprocity, Mother Nature's gift, and wisdom, and how, when we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves". "It's a two-way street when it comes to succeeding. His craftsmanship helped me celebrate this great book today," Cabello said of tattoo artist Kane Navasard. Nava said, on his account, gave us another look at the fresh ink with a caption, "A tiny sweetgrass braid for a girlfriend."

Camila Cabello received her second neck tattoo two years after the first, in November of this year, the singer revealed that she had received her first tattoo on her pinky finger. In cursive calligraphy, the tattoo reads, "It's a mystery." Camila Cabello said she "never dreamed I'd get a tattoo before," but she asked her mother to "write to me a promise she'd like me to make to her that she thought I'd need for the rest of my life." She went on to say, "To cut a long tale short, it’s a pinky promise to her that no matter what happens, everything will work out. There’s no way of knowing how it happens, but it always does".

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she revealed that she and her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, have identical tattoos. She told presenter Jimmy Fallon, "I got a Shawn Mendes tattoo on my lower back as well." Camila Cabello subsequently joked to Fallon, "It says' seor,' and he has one on his lower back that says Serita."