Candyman hooks $22 .3 million over the weekend surpassing Paw Patrol And Free Guy.
by Surabhi Goel | Mon, 30 Aug 2021 14:26:13 GMT
Image Source: Hot & Viral News, The Bharat Express News

Over the weekend release, Nia DaCosta, director and Jordan Peele’s, scriptwriter Candyman, bagged enough amount to reach number one backing behind the race Free guy which was leading before the launch of the supernatural slasher.

Against three times delay due to surge in Covid cases, the final time it made the entry to the theatres with a bang and was praised for its direction and writing skills. Though this movie was a sequel to the third Candyman series of Clive Barker’s. The first Candyman was premiered in theatres on October 16, 1992. After the great success of classic horror, it was followed by two sequels, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh in 1995 and Candyman: Day of the Dead in 1999.

Jim Orr, President of Universal’s Domestic Theatrical Distribution stated that Nia DaCosta made an intense horror that spectators appreciated very well this weekend. The debut film played very well in theatres above industry expectations, with a very affirmed reaction of the viewers and a three-day holiday on the second weekend of the month, they are foreseeing a strong presence at the local box office.

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20th-century studio movie Free Guy which was at number one tumbled down to number two this weekend after earning $13.5 million. Ryan Reynolds the protagonist of the film is a bank teller, who comes to know that he is inside a video game world where he is a non-playable character in the gaming world. Further, when he comes to know that his gaming world is about to end, he fights for his freedom in his adventurous way.

Paramount's first animated movie Paw Patrol: The Movie, captured the third position after collecting $6.6 million. It is a full family comedy animated cartoon series about the Ryder and the pups who try to save their adventure city from their rival Mayor Humdinger.

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Disney’s Jungle Cruise slipped down from number three to four this weekend with $5 million. Audiences are appreciating Dwayne's performance with Emily Blunt and Jungle book 2 is already in progress mode.

The figures for the earnings are depicting that people have started visiting the cinema halls after the decrease cases of Covid-19 which is a piece of very good news for cine-goers.