Celebrities that went all out at Halloween this year with their children
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 02 Nov 2021 13:36:02 GMT
Here are all the celebs that rocked Halloween with their kids; Credits: DeMilked

Celebrity Halloween outfits are usually over the top, but the best are the ones where celebs team up with their kids for the campest Halloween looks ever! Whether it is the Kardashians or other celebs, many famous parents went above and beyond to match with kids and to celebrate Hallow's day in their unbeatable style. 

Amurri's kid's love for lobsters

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The one look that took the pie this year was the coordinated outfits of Eva Amurri, aged 36, and her three children. The actress has three children, Marlowe, aged 7, and two sons Major, aged 4, and Mateo, aged 18 months. She shared the look early this October, where she wore a fisherman outfit while her kids were dressed as sea animals. The Undateable star shared her love for her kids and her apparent joy to be a mother as she shared her lovely Instagram post featuring the cute outfits and her kids. 

The star wrote on October 8, "Of all the fishies in the sea, I'm so glad my 3 chose me!!!!" She shares her three children with her ex-husband Kyle Martino

The actress revealed more about her early Halloween costume and how she chose to wear the sea life-inspired costumes with her kids. After posting the Instagram post, the actress shared her blog post detailing her trip to Maine and how her son came to love lobsters. 

"This year, during our trip to Maine, Major got unexpectedly obsessed with lobsters. Not eating them, but just the creature itself. He would sit and watch them in the tanks everywhere we went. Anything he saw with a lobster on it, he wanted. Which, if you've ever vacationed in Maine, you know lobster paraphernalia is EVERYWHERE." The parent revealed how her son was literally obsessed with the cuteness of lobsters. "When we asked him why he loves lobsters so much, all he would say is that they're 'just so cute!' LOL."

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Amurri shared that the love her kiddo had for lobsters eventually turned into inspo for their costumes. "We all sat down and thought of some wildlife that would be cute to recreate. Marlowe found so many beautiful starfish in the tide pools while we were there, so she chose a starfish. Mateo loved watching the little minnows by the edge of the lake there."

The Kardashian Halloween bash

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The Kardashians just know how to pull off a Halloween look, and Kourtney Kardashian pulled no stops this year when she dressed up with her daughter Penelope for an early Halloween bash. The nine-year-old kiddo that she shares with her ex Scott Disick, posed beautifully in a complete punk rock attire on October 3. 

The Pooch owner's boyfriend at the time, and now fiance, Travis Barker, who himself happens to be a punk god, added his approval for the punk goth look as he commented "Rockstar" under the picture that the Keeping Up With the Kardashian's star had shared of her daughter. 

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The drummer, aged 45, now gives drums classes to his future step-daughter and is totally proud of the little child. In September this year, the Blink 182 star told Nylon that he is up for teaching her everything about drums as he shared his joy and said, "I'm like, 'Oh, do you want to learn to play something?' And she's always bright-eyed and like, 'Yes, like I'm so excited to learn how to play.' So she caught on really quick, like super quick."

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 Talking about the progress the two have made, he revealed, "Not weekly, like, 'OK, Penelope, we have to do lessons today.' But when she wants to learn then or learn something new, I like being there to fill that little space, that creative space in her head. I think next, she's just going to record something at the studio."

Here are a few other celebs that made the best out of Halloween this year and totally rocked the theme!

Jessica Alba ruled the jungle along with her children:

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Jessica Alba was all royale when she shared a picture of her pride dressed in full lion costumes with her three children. Alba shares her three kids, daughters Honor, aged 13, and Haven, aged 10 with Cash Warren. They also have a son Hayes, aged 3. 

The actress posted the picture where the family has donned full lion costumes and posed with their hands held out like claws. Her youngest, Hayes, posed with his hands on his hips as he looked into a distant point away from the camera. The actress captioned the Instagram post saying how it was the first time her kids would go out for the infamous trick or treat tradition of Halloween. 

The caption of the Fantastic Four star read: "Halloween w my pack 🦁 & Haysie's first time trick-or-treating 👻 🎃," the Fantastic Four star writes."

Talking about how her family usually makes things work, Alba shared, "When I'm thinking of these different concepts, I do bounce a lot of these ideas off of my kids and ask them what they think or if they think it would be impactful." "My kids also have volunteered at Baby2Baby and participated in various events throughout the year. We will do different things as far as volunteering and feeding the homeless. My husband will also provide socks, and I'll provide hygiene products. My kids are on the ground and actually help and distribute items," the Honest Company founder said. 

Jessica Biel got the magic tricks flying:

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Jessica Biel had a magical time with Justin Timberlake and the kids as they dressed up as characters from Harry Potter and went to have a fun-filled Halloween. This Sunday, the couple went to dress Harry Potter characters where Justin Timberlake dressed up as Headmaster Dumbledore and Jessica Biel got to play Professor McGonagall. Their two sons, Silas, aged 6, and Phineas, aged 14 months, dressed up as Harry Potter and his owl, Hedwig, respectively. 

The actress shared the picture of the family's trick or treat night on Instagram, which she captioned: "Last night at MAGIC hour ✨🧙🏻‍♀️."

When she was asked about her kids and how becoming a mother for the second time affected her, Biel had revealed, "I remember going, 'When does he eat real food? What kind of cream? What bathtub?' I felt like I forgot — it was amnesia." "I started from scratch all over again, and I didn't expect that. I just sort of thought, 'Well, I'm an expert now. You know, I've done this before, and I can do it again.' No, I needed a full education all over again," shared the Sinner actress. 

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Talking more about how her kids came to love each other, Biel said, "He finds him really funny, and the baby thinks that Silas has hung the moon. So, that's really cute." The actress continued, "He, of course, wants to do everything that his older brother's doing and follows him around everywhere. But Silas is the best big brother. He's so sweet, and he's just a lovely guy. We're pretty lucky. They're sweet boys."