Cheryl Burke gets candid about sobriety
by Ana Walia | Wed, 03 Aug 2022 09:37:15 GMT
Cheryl Burke is getting candid about sobriety. Image Source: Hello Magazine 

Cheryl Burke is getting candid about sobriety.

Cheryl Burke recently opened up about her sobriety in the latest video of her "Burke in the Game" podcast, as she mentioned that last week she said that she was not okay and this week, even though she is pissed, she is aware that the whole issue she is going through right now is going to be a long process.

The Dancing With the Stars alum continued that she cannot just let it ruin her life because it is what it is and right now it is out of her control, so she is at the moment trying to practice what she preaches and trying to take it day by day, hour by hour.

Cheryl Burke’s confession about taking things slowly comes after she confessed that even though she had never had the urge to drink again since she became sober in 2018, the thought of it had crossed her mind. She said that she did not want to say that she has had the feeling of drinking again, but that it had been on her mind a lot more than normal. Cheryl revealed that she spoke to her therapist about it and realized that it’s because she has not been active with her program and has not completed the fourth step.

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In her video, she admits that she seems to be stuck for like the longest time now, but she is going to slowly get back into it. Cheryl revealed that she is aware of her triggers, which comes with her occasional going out with friends, and the solution to the issue, which is that there is a time frame when she should not be out, like 10:30, and added that she is aware that it’s almost a senior citizen time, but said that it is best just to drop people off as the designated driver and go on her merry way.

Cheryl continued that this is because she is triggered by people who have more than maybe a couple of drinks around her, especially late at night. The dancer has revealed that her "Burke in the Game" podcast has given her a safe space to hold herself accountable and be open with her loved ones about a variety of issues. She stated that she does not want to have the discussion but believes it is necessary to hold herself accountable for the events.

Cheryl thanked her listeners for tuning in and said that the podcast has been very helpful for her with the emotions that her body and mind go through. In 2021, Cheryl Burke, while speaking to A.J. McLean, shared that she has been feeling like drinking again and mentioned during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that being in the spotlight was intimidating for her, especially given her sobriety, and she added that it almost feels like she has a newfound love and enthusiasm for Dancing with the Stars now that she can see things for what it is.

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Cheryl Burke spoke candidly about her battle with alcoholism on the Elizabeth Vargas-hosted podcast Heart of the Matter last year as she recalled how alcohol swiftly took over her life once she began drinking at the age of 21 after relocating to Los Angeles. She explained at the time that individuals know that being numb is a dangerous place, so she was drinking to get through it, adding that she was always operating in survival mode, seven days a week.

The dancer admitted to the host that she never had a defining, singular event that inspired her to give up drinking but that her crashing and burning was the sense of just emptiness, of knowing there's no purpose. She said that she felt repulsed, nothing was present and she lacked an identity. The Dancing with the Stars alumn added at the time that seeing her alcoholic father sipping whiskey on his deathbed influenced her choice to give up drinking along with giving up for good when she started experiencing adverse responses to alcohol.

Cheryl concluded that obviously, she knew that something subconsciously, her body was rejecting the poison because she had been suffocating in it for so long, and having had one whiskey shot at her engagement celebration in 2018 she broke out in hives which made her decide to quit.