Cheryl Burke shares about leaving social media and 'Burke In The Game'
by Ana Walia | Thu, 12 May 2022 20:14:44 GMT
Cheryl Burke is taking time off from social media. Image Source: Hello Magazine 

Cheryl Burke is explaining why time off from social media is good for her.

In a recent interview with E! News, Cheryl Burke shared her journey and her decision to take time off from social media. Cheryl said that she is addicted to social media and sometimes she self-sabotages in the proves and it’s not healthy for her as she has a habit of focusing on the one negative comment that she would receive and that comment would ruin her day. So, now she has decided to delete her social media accounts and focus on important things, like her mental and physical health.

Cheryl shared with Justin Sylvester, Teri Hatcher, and Loni Love during the interview that besides deciding to stay off social media, she is also focusing on transcendental meditation and therapy, which has helped her a lot, especially after her split from actor-husband Matthew Lawrence. She added that she is a huge advocate for therapy and would recommend it to everyone.

During her interview, she revealed that she and Matthew Lawrence did go for couples therapy before they got engaged. She explained that although couples therapy is not something that is going to assure anyone that you’re good to go, she added that open communication is very essential in any relationship because one could get hidden behind the feelings and emotions that would come up.

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Talking about her divorce, Cheryl Burke said that she never thought that she would get divorced, and with that comes sadness and pain and fear of being alone and having to start life all over again. The dancer added that even though this new chapter could be exciting, it’s filled with nervousness and sadness and described that she is in the grieving process currently.

Cheryl Burke has recently launched her podcast on iHeartRadio, "Burke In The Game," where she will be talking about a lot of things, including her divorce and her process of being okay with it. She shared with the hosts that she is most vulnerable on her podcast, which makes it nerve-wracking for her. She explained that the podcast is going to be about what happens on the dance floor, behind the mirror ball trophy, her therapy, sex therapy, and so much more, along with having guests on the show too.

The professional dancer also told US Weekly that she is no longer hitting the streets because she can no longer be in that environment, claiming that it is no fun because no one can hear what the other is saying. She mentioned that the fact that she wants to be married and settle down is the biggest turn-off for any male figure in her life. The dancer stated that she will only settle once she has been healed and understands how to prioritize her life.

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Cheryl expressed her desire to trust in and love herself enough to recognize that she is deserving of a decent man. She added that, while she is still mourning, she is now in a good place following her divorce from Matthew Lawrence and that she no longer believes divorce is a horrible thing. Cheryl remarked that she isn't sure if her competitive side or her unrealistic side put so much pressure on her to refuse to accept that some relationships fail.

Cheryl continued that now she looks at the idea from a perspective as if someone could see it as courageous and empowering before adding that it’s all about the perspective. Cheryl Burke announced her split on social media after three years of being married and said that she wants to be honest with everyone and accept that her marriage is ending. She added to the announcement that she wouldn’t be answering any questions or commenting further on the topic at the time.

The dancer shared during the interview that witnessing so much love and support from people was overwhelming, but she was very grateful. She mentioned that she is going to talk about everything on her podcast and is excited for everyone to hear what she has to say.