'Chilling Details' about late actress' death to be revealed in two-part documentary 'What Happened, Brittany Murphy?'
by Ana Walia | Thu, 07 Oct 2021 05:56:12 GMT
Image Source: People, New York Post

Brittany Murphy-Monjack was an American actress and singer who rose to prominence after starring as Tai Frasier in the 1995 film 'Clueless.' She then appeared in minor roles in films such as 'Freeway' and 'Bongwater.' In 1997, she made her Broadway debut in Arthur Miller's play "A View from the Bridge." 

Brittany gained great acclaim for her appearance in Eminem's '8 Mile,' and her final film, 'Something Wicked,' was released in 2014 (Posthumous release). She also dabbled in voice acting, most notably portraying Luanne Platter on the long-running animated comedy series King Of The Hill.

'Something Wicked' was Brittany Murphy's final movie which was released in 2014. Image Source: IMBD

The actress died in 2009 at the age of 32, with pneumonia as the major cause of death, but the upcoming documentary series 'What Happened, Brittany Murphy?' is attempting to solve the mystery surrounding the critically acclaimed actress. Simon Monjack, Brittany's husband, was described as "a disturbed guy who was used to deceiving people" in a cover story.

Cynthia Hill directs the documentary series, and her film "Private Violence" was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2014. Cynthia's project, or documentary series, will feature new interviews with close friends and family members, as well as a never-before-seen video from her personal life.

"He was a strange man who was used to conning people, and Brittany was one of his last victims," Cynthia said of the actress's husband, Simon. The more research we completed, the more evident the pattern of behavior became.

Simon was discovered dead in the same house that the actress and her mother, Sharon, shared in 2010. The 40-year-death old's was linked to acute pneumonia and severe anemia by the same authorities, who added that drugs were not a factor.

'What Happened, Brittany Murphy?' will be released as a two-part documentary. Image Source: Daily Research Plot

Simon Monjack's mother, Linda, and brother, James, as well as Simon's ex-fiancée, Elizabeth Ragsdale, will be featured in a documentary that will air on HBO Max on October 14th. Elizabeth has claimed that Simon abandoned her while she was pregnant. "I called him when I got to my New York studio, and he answered. 'Simon, I've made it to...,' I said, and he hung up on me before I could finish the sentence. He abandoned me while I was pregnant," she stated

According to sources, the actress' final days and her relationship with her spouse of two years, Simon Monjack, contain "some chilling information." Trista Jordan, a makeup artist who is also featured in the film, previously worked with the late actress on her last film, "Something Wicked," and said that her appearance in her dying days was unsettling.

Simon Monjack was found dead in the same house in 2010, and the cause of his death is stated the same as the actress. Image Source: rare.us

The makeup artist went on to say, "Her eyes were sunken, and she appeared to be in a bad mood. She didn't seem like herself. She was in excruciating discomfort. Furthermore, she couldn't stand up because she had Bambi legs." 

Brittany Murphy died of untreated pneumonia, anemia, and drug intoxication from prescription and over-the-counter drugs, including opioids and cold medicine, according to L.A. County Coroner Asst. Chief Ed Winter. Her system had no illegal drugs in it.

Buddy Day, executive producer of the documentary 'What Happened, Brittany Murphy?' said the actress' death was strange and full of twists and turns. Despite the numerous hypotheses and issues surrounding the actress' death, director Cynthia stated that many of the people she met or interacted with for the documentary and inquired about the late actress remarked how sweet she was.

Brittany Murphy and Alice Silverstone in 'Clueless'. Image Source: PEOPLE

"Everyone was so consistent when they would describe her. She was so generous, caring and always thinking about everybody else and I think sometimes that gets forgotten because of all the mystery surrounding her death," says Hill. "She was loved by everyone."

The two-part documentary 'What Happened, Brittany Murphy?' will broadcast on HBO Max on October 14, 2021, and will reveal the events of Brittany Murphy's tragic demise.