Chris Evans appreciates Jim and Pam's relationship from "The Office"
by Ana Walia | Tue, 26 Oct 2021 13:33:59 GMT
Chris Evans fanboys over "The Office". Image Source: Glamour 

There is no doubt that one of the most loved sitcoms on the Internet is NBC's "The Office" (US), which started airing in 2005, and the final episode was aired in 2013. Without disparaging other shows, fans have consistently ranked "The Office" at the top of their lists, one of the reasons being that it is not a typical sitcom.

The characters of the show are described as the perfect characters written down for actors who can break the fourth wall from time to time, which makes the show interesting to watch. In no time, the show, without anyone realizing it, became a comfort show, especially with the brilliant performances by the actors.

Joining the list of "The Office" fans is Captain America himself, a.k.a. Chris Evans, who, just like everybody else, is a massive fan of the show and ships the adorable couple, Jim and Pam.

The Avengers star Chris Evans took to his social media account to share his love and appreciation for the actors and the show. He tweeted, "When Jim and Pam are having an off day, but at the end of the episode they're both leaving each other messages talking about the same things. Good stuff."

The actor further tweeted, "Krasinski is my boy, and I've met Jenna once, but for a minute I'm going to choose to forget that and just enjoy the fact that Jim and Pam both acknowledged this tweet."

John Krasinski, who plays Jim, and Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on the hit sitcom "The Office", acknowledged the actor’s tweet with GIFs from the show. John used a GIF in which Jim is doing jazz hands at his desk, and Jenna used a GIF in which Jim and Pam are doing an air high-five. The Office’s verified Twitter account also acknowledged Chris’ tweet by tweeting back, "Those messages made everything right in the world again".

Based on Chris Evans’ tweet, it sounds like he’s talking about Season 5, Episode 4, "Baby Shower." In the episode, Jim and Pam are figuring out what to do with the latter being away at art school, and both of them feel like things are a little off. The messages that Evans’ tweet mentioned are most probably references to the times when they would call each other at the same time, and each of them would leave a voicemail trying to connect, both recalling an awkward encounter they once had with an aggressive guy at a laundromat. They also both end their calls by saying they miss each other.

In no time, the tweet garnered almost 263,000 likes with 20,000 retweets and 5,300 quote tweets. With this tweet, Chris and The Office fans showcased their excitement for the actor. One of the users wrote, "Now I love you more than yesterday," to Chris. Another expressed their delight by writing, "Why are we only now discovering that you're an Office fan???" Sir, we could’ve been having this Twitter convoy! Come on now."

"The Office" is a mockumentary that aired between 2005 and 2013 and chronicles the lives of a group of office workers who work for the fictional "Dunder Mifflin Paper Company" in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch. The show was a critical and commercial hit, winning five Emmys and launching the careers of actors like Steve Carrell, Jenna Fischer, and John Krasinski.

The Office's success was largely due to Jim and Pam's relationship, with numerous episodes focusing on their will-they-won't-they romance. It is amazing that even after all these years; fans still adore the relationship between Jim and Pam. The Office was voted one of the 100 best television shows of all time by the Rolling Stones in 2016.

"The Office" is a mockumentary that aired between 2005 and 2013. Image Source: The Guardian

Jenna Fischer recently discussed the surprise engagement sequence that took place in the season five premiere on her latest podcast episode with Angela Kinsey. She shared, "So first, I just want you guys to know that [show runner] Greg [Daniels] spoke with us about this. He said that he really wanted Jim’s proposal to Pam to be in the season premiere. He thought, No. 1 that would be unexpected. You usually end seasons with proposals. So he thought this would be a real shock. "

The actress further added that the showrunner wanted to throw people off by having it in a very ordinary location. He wanted it to feel special, but he also wanted it to feel like Jim decided without a lot of planning. Jenna, who played Pam on the show, further shared that the crew built the set for that particular scene from the ground up, which took the crew almost nine days to build.

"They built this in the parking lot of a Best Buy that I have been to many times, actually. What they did was they used Google Street View to capture images of a real gas station along the Merritt Parkway, and then using those images, they built it to match this parking lot. To create the illusion of highway traffic, they built a four-lane circular racetrack around the gas station set. They set up cameras on the other side of this raceway, and they had cars drive around it at 55 miles an hour."  She said that the production manager had 35 drivers, not only cars but semi-trucks. Jenna added that the scene lasted 52 seconds but cost $250.00.

Chris Evans will star alongside Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas in Netflix's "The Gray Man." Anthony and Joe Russo will helm the film, which is based on the 2009 novel "The Gray Man." He'll also star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet, Kid Cudi, Matthew Perry, and Ariana Grande in Adam McKay's Netflix comedy "Don't Look Up." Chris will also voice Buzz Lightyear in the upcoming Toy Story film directed by Angus MacLane.