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by Ana Walia | Tue, 19 Jul 2022 10:24:33 GMT
Chrissy Teigen celebrates one year of sobriety. Image Source: Glamour 

Chrissy Teigen celebrates her accomplishment.

Cookbook author and John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, recently took to her social media to mark one year of being sober in a heartfelt message she shared along with a video that featured her husband John Legend, son Miles and daughter Luna smiling and exploring Carcassonne, France where the family is currently on vacation.

In her caption, the author wrote  that she has not had a single drop of alcohol in 365 days and although she misses the feeling of being loopy and carefree at times, Chrissy Teigen added that it did not give her that fun feeling anymore.

Chrissy Teigen’s caption proceeded by saying that she drank to combat insane anxiousness that eventually mainly subsided. She quit drinking and said that now that she has stopped, she feels extremely terrific. Although the author said that looking back on her days makes her angry because she does not recall the days spent clearly because of the booze. 

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She claimed that when an Outback Steakhouse chef was teaching her and her friends how to create a blossoming onion at her house, she drank cafe patron and went to sleep, wishing she could have remained up to watch that or any of the award programs she attended. The author noted that there are photos from significant events in her life when her eyes simply appear to be gone. Some of these photos are from actual business assignments, while others are from family beach outings she explained and mentioned that she only wishes she could recall everything.

The host concluded that post by stating that she still does not know if she will never have a drink again, but she knows that she never wants to be that way again. For now, none is better and she will let the bad dreams come up and try to sort them out in therapy without booze. A lot of fans and friends of Chrissy commented on her post mentioning that they are really proud of her for achieving such a commendable success and mentioned that she is an inspiration to many out there. Everyone wished her good luck for the coming days. 

Back in December, Chrissy Teigen opened up about celebrating holidays sober to People magazine and said that she thinks that the thing that makes her happy is realizing that she would still say stupid things and act and make stupid mistakes even sober.

Chrissy Teigen talking about Thanksgiving said that she used to make crucial Thanksgiving errors, maybe one or two, and she did that at the time too, but she caught it, which drunk Chrissy Teigen would have ignored. Chrissy Teigen mentioned at the time that she is grateful that she has made progress with her sobriety and added that it’s almost like a little kid like you want to keep talking about it but you are like how much are you going to talk about it?

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Chrissy Teigen initially opened up about her struggles with alcohol in 2017 with Cosmpolitian where she mentioned that she had a habit of getting hair and makeup done with a glass of wine and then that glass of wine would carry over into her having one before the award show and then a bunch of them at the award show and she would feel bad for making kind of an ass of herself to people whom she respected and that feeling is just there. Chrissy Teigen stated at the time that she began to feel terrible, and it was not a good look on her, her husband John Legend, or anyone else.

Then, after receiving the book "Quit Like a Woman" by Holly Whitaker from her doctor for her 35th birthday in December 2020, Chrissy Teigen posted on her Instagram Stories about her decision to get sober again, according to US Magazine. And approximately a year ago, Chrissy Teigen took advantage of summer vacation to Italy to take yet another break from alcohol, referring to it in an Instagram post as her "first sober Italian getaway." She stated in the post that she detests the word sober by the way, it's very rehab/medical, and added that in any case, being sober where one would have normally been drunk was quite surreal. She concluded that she is delighted that she will be able to recall everything! Since then she has celebrated her little accomplishment including 50-days, 100-days, and six months of sobriety.

Congratulations Chrissy Teigen!