Cole Sprouse opens up about his popularity, profession, and personal life
by Ana Walia | Fri, 01 Apr 2022 17:28:46 GMT
Cole Sprouse is opening about his life in latest interview with GQ. Image Source: Variety 

In his latest GQ interview, Cole Sprouse gets candid about fame, career and relationships.

Cole Sprouse, who currently stars in the CW's "Riverdale" as Jughead Jones, is actively promoting his latest science-fiction romantic-comedy film, "Moonshot," alongside Lana Condor, in his latest interview with GQ. (The movie is currently streaming on HBO Max)

Cole Sprouse has been in the industry since he was a teenager and has managed to keep himself out of major scandals. During the interview, he describes himself as an inquisitive thinker, someone who is constantly probing for uncomplicated answers about how to connect in a complicated world.

The interviewer, Willa Bennett, shared that Cole expressed that chain-smoking helps him stay present, or as he likes to describe it, it’s like taking a step outside, finding connection, and just breathing deeply, kind of present. Speaking about the early success that Cole and his twin brother Dylan Sprouse shared as they debuted on Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the actor shared that his upbringing was rough and later declined to share more details about it.

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In the conversation, Cole mentioned that when they started as Zack and Cody, they were just teenagers who wanted to help their mother and put food on the table. He mentioned that he did not wish to have fame and described it as "disgusting" before adding that starring in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was never about getting fame, but it did bring the brothers some financial stability, and they decided to spend their young adulthood away from the public eye. Cole Sprouse decided to attend leave the status of being a star back in Hollywood in 2011 and headed towards New York University and he now says he takes great pride in making the right decisions and not succumbing to fame even after Disney.

The actor also revealed about his past relationship when he was in college which he described was a long-distance relationship and it did not last because they got sick of it. Without revealing the name of the gamer girl Cole fell in love with in college, he shared that he did ask her to move in with him just after six months but their romance faded away soon and he now describe it as young love. The reason Cole mentioned this relationship was because he mentioned that he genuinely thinks about the phases of love.

Cole added that he finds the honeymoon period of a relationship as a time of thievery, and would love if people would keep writing about it or even write more about it. When asked about his relationship with Riverdale co-star and ex-girlfriend Lili Reinhart, the actor stated that while he was open to sharing about their dynamic and the fact that their relationship was public, what they had was as genuine as it could get.

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After the duo decided to split, the diehard fans of the couple were not ready to let them go and had hoped that they would get back together eventually, which never happened, and Cole Sprouse found himself in the middle of online hate. He explained that he received so much hate online post the breakup that there were some fans who had literally went to the brands he was working at the time to report him which he finds very weird and stupid.That’s when Cole felt the pressure to address the split publicly because he did not want to receive so much hate along with the person he is dating to get the same amount or maybe more hate than him. He did not give much information about their equation on set, but it seems like it was cordial since they are both professional actors.

Cole Sprouse, who is currently in a relationship with Ari Fournier, shared that whenever he tries to post something about his current relationship, it gets taken down. The post are taken down because the followers and the "diehard fans" who are still mourning the split of Lili and Cole report their pictures or anything he shares. It's been taken down from his friends’ accounts too which has made him sad and angry at times but there is nothing really that he can do about it. 

The interview later circled back to his new movie, "Moonshot," and how working on the movie made him feel. Cole said that he had a lot of fun and that is all that matters to him. It is an American science-fiction romantic comedy directed by Chris Winterbauer that stars Lana Condor alongside Cole Sprouse and is streaming on HBO Max.