Courtney Love lauds Lana Del Rey and compares her to her late husband Kurt Cobain
by Ana Walia | Wed, 28 Dec 2022 21:24:53 GMT
Courtney Love praises Lana Del Rey. Image Source: Wiki 

Courtney Love praises Lana Del Rey.

Courtney Love discussed her first new album since 2010 on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, and she went on to applaud singer Lana Del Rey, declaring her and Nirvana frontman, the late Kurt Cobain, the only two musical geniuses she has ever known.

Courtney Love toured with Lana Del Rey and continued by stating that she is a precise, genuine, and good friend and that Lana and Kurt Cobain are the sole two honest people she has ever known, and by that, she indicates they can Spielberg anything.

She also asserted that Lana Del Rey is a visionary with the same integrity as Kurt Cobain, indicating that they are the only two individuals she knows who understands she can say that about them. Courtney Love conveyed her appreciation for the artist by comparing Lana Del Rey's performance of the Allen Ginsberg monologue "Howl" to Nirvana's cover of three Meat Puppets songs for their MTV Unplugged session.

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Courtney made clear that she knows R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, Bono and Billie Joe Armstrong and she loves these people, but when it comes to Lana Del Rey, Courtney claimed that she has that magical ability and she is not even messed up. Courtney Love also recounted telling Lana Del Rey to not go insane and believes the Grammy nominee has kept her consciousness since leaving the overculture. She deleted all of her accounts on social media describing that shit is fucked.

Courtney Love is currently collaborating with Anthony Rossomando of Dirty Pretty Things and Justin Parker, who previously worked on Lana Del Rey's major-label debut, Born to Die, on her first album since Hole's Nobody's Daughter in 2010. She explained that one of the tracks from her upcoming album is titled "Kill F—- Marry," and it was influenced by the widely publicized defamatory trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

The other rock song was created in response to conspiracy theorists who presume Courtney Love was liable for Kurt Cobain's death at the age of 27 in 1997. The song, titled "Justice for Kurt," would most likely not be included on the album because it would ingest the entire story. During her interview with Marc Maron, she disclosed that her next album isn't going to be a rock album, people aren't doing rock anymore, she said (as transcribed by Stereogum) since rock isn't a thing but the trio created a pair of fucked-up guitar songs.

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The singer also talked about her role in Fight Club, in which she was dismissed and replaced by actress Helena Bonham Carter. Janeane Garofalo asserted a few years ago that she was up for the role and that the sole reason she didn't get was that Courtney Love was Ed Norton's partner at the time and Courtney disagrees. She stated during the interview that she thinks she was the person who managed to bring the Chuck Palahniuk book to David Fincher in the first place, and she was excited to work with him. In either case, the lawyers talked to the lawyers and worked it out, and she was finalized for the part.

She continued by stating that after receiving a telephone call from director Gus Van Sant and speaking with Brad Pitt, who started telling her that he was interested in portraying Kurt Cobain in a biopic aimed at Gus Van Sant, Courtney raised objections and went nuclear. She continued by claiming that because she turned down the idea, Brad Pitt persuaded the producers to substitute her with Helena Bonham Carter and that Cameron Crowe once decided to tell her that Brad Pitt had been sent to this planet to stalk her for Kurt Cobain, which has been happening on since 1996.

Courtney claims Brad Pitt tried his luck again two decades later, asserting his production company, Plan B Entertainment, contacted her in 2020 about producing a Kurt Cobain biopic. She turned him down once more. This time, she didn't hold back, telling the actor that she is not sure if she trusts him with playing Kurt Cobain, and she is not sure if his films are for profit. She further said to Brad Pitt that if he is not able to comprehend her, she does not believe that he would be able to acknowledge Kurt, and concluded that she doesn't think he does. 

Lana Del Rey, meanwhile, is gearing toward the release of her ninth studio album, "Did You Know There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd?" in March.