Dan Reynolds gets candid about the separation from his wife, Aja Volkman
by Ana Walia | Thu, 22 Sep 2022 15:14:15 GMT
Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman have separated. Image Source: Billboard 

Dan Reynolds is getting candid about the separation from his wife, Aja Volkman.

Imagine Dragons' lead vocalist, Dan Reynolds, spoke on The Howard Stern Show about how the former couple is handling their split, which they announced last week.

Dan said that people invest in it. All the people, including family and friends, invest in the relationship, and the notion of having to be public about their relationship is something that sucks. But being in the spotlight kind of puts you in that position, and they have signed up for it.

Dan and Aja share four kids: Arrow Eve, Gia James, Coco Rae, and Valentine, and he talked about how the pandemic helped the entire family to bond together, as he said that he thinks that COVID for them was a great time since he got to spend a bunch of time with the kids at home. Dan Reynolds added that they really enjoyed their time together and felt very grounded, mentioning that he walked their dog out every day, made breakfast, and just belonged like a normal dad, which was a wonderful experience.

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The lead vocalist said that he loves Aja; she is his best friend and an incredible mother, and they are going to be great parents to their four incredible kids. Dan Reynolds mentioned during the interview that relationships are so complex and even though it’s sad, they are closing a chapter and it’s hard, almost like mourning for him, but he also said that it feels like he is just on a path where he is supposed to be in his life.

Dan Reynolds took to social media last week to share that he was saddened to announce that Aja Volkman and he had separated after many years of being together. The statement read further that being great parents to their children is their number one priority, and he added a thank you to everyone who had supported, cared for, and loved them over the years. The announcement of their separation comes after they previously announced their separation in 2018, but they reunited in 2019 and were repotedly working on their relationship.

Aja Volkman had shared at the time that the pair were working on rebuilding their relationship and she understands that it’s been a crazy ride. Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman discussed their separation in a 2019 Parents cover story, during which Dan Reynolds referred to their seven-month separation as his "apocalypse." Around the same time, Dan Reynolds talked openly to PEOPLE about the steps the couple had taken to rebuild their relationship, which included going to therapy.

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The singer revealed at the time that they had been working hard to maintain their family's stability while also attending marriage counseling. He said that fortunately for them, they managed to get through it. If not for them, many individuals before them would have carved that path and continued to raise wonderful children or went on to become friends, or whatever it is. Relationships are complex.

Dan Reynolds recently shared a post on his social media where he mentioned that he had spent the weekend with one of his favorite people, research scientist, and podcast host Lex Fridman, and added that he was sending everyone infinite love and light. On a hopeful note, he wrote, may everyone continue to find their path and heal. He also said, today, he is grateful for good friends, art, laughter, his kids, his family, and all the lovely words everyone has sent their way. Dan Reynolds concluded thank you and love to everyone throughout the world."