Deepika Padukone Launches Frontline Assist Program to Support the Mental Health of Frontline Workers
by Susweta Bose | Tue, 20 Jul 2021 17:07:14 GMT
Image Source - India Scanner

The pandemic has been heavy on everyone, and the frontline workers have been the most affected due to the virus. While casualties due to COVID have been a primary reason of concern, the invisible pandemic of mental health is kept ignored. Being in homes for long times and financial difficulties have been significant reasons for unproductiveness and depression in people.

Deepika Padukone on Wednesday launched the Frontline Assist program with the help of LiveLoveLaugh Foundation and the Deepika Padukone Closet.  Under the Frontline Assist program, the LiveLoveLaugh foundation will be supporting Sangath’s dedicated COVID-19 wellbeing center with sale proceeds from The Deepika Padukone Closet.

It should be noted that Sangath has been providing healthcare to the marginalized sections of society for more than 25 years. The Goa Based NGO will be assisting the frontline workers with their mental health through their Wellness Centres.

Being a victim of depression herself, Deepika went on to say, “Having had a lived experience with mental illness, I understand the importance of emotional wellbeing, and as a mental health foundation, we are grateful to be able to contribute to the mental health of our country’s frontline workers with ‘Frontline Assist.”

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It should be noted that Deepika has mentioned her grapple with depression in many interviews, and she is one of the most woke celebrities when it comes to Mental Illness.

We feel that the Frontline Assist program is an excellent initiative from Deepika Padukone. We also urge all our readers to donate to the LiveLoveLaugh foundation so that more frontline workers can enjoy mental wellbeing.