Denise Richard’s daughter claims about her mother's “abusive” behavior in a video.
by Surabhi Goel | Sat, 11 Sep 2021 14:35:04 GMT
Image Source: The Sun

Denise Richard and Charlie Sheen's daughter, Sam claimed that she is happier and secured after moving out of her mother’s home calling it an “Abusive household”.

Sam declared this appalling statement publicly on the Tik Tok video’ later which she made private.  

Denise and Charlie got married in the year 2002 and got separated in 2006. The couple has two daughters, Sami 17, and Lola 16. The actress fostered a girl chid Eloise,10 after the divorce. 

The 17-year-old claimed that living with her mother and Stepfather Aaron Phypers was like living in a “Hell” and also “Abusive” which made her into “insanely depression” as she was not able to eat well and sleep well owing to the torture. 

She posted in another video that she has moved out of the abusive house. She has now discontinued her studies, now she feels “self-love” and is having a “spiritual awakening” and she is happy staying alone with two cats.

In the above statement, she didn’t reveal where has she put up now. But it is believed that she must be staying with her biological father Charlie Sheen. An insider stated that Sam was staying with his mother last year. Sam posted the video in July commenting that Denise tried to expel her from the home.

According to one of the insiders Sam was against Denise's rules. Source also stated that the rules set by Denise were the normal rules which are made by any parent especially mothers to have control over their kids. 

According to one of the insiders Charlie was against the actress's rules and believes in other ways of parenting than following the rules. Hence, the daughter moved with her dad. Denise was disheartened by watching the video as she loves her daughter.

Charlie told the reporter of Page Six that Sam is an amazing child, and he loves all his children unconditionally.

The actress expressed that she concealed Charlie’s past of drugs and his relationship with many women in the past so the daughters do not hate their father figure. She also stated that she never spoke ill about their father to them as she wants him to be part of the family.

Denise also said that Sami sometimes does things deliberately to annoy her like coloring her hair red to make her angry.