Did Olivia Wilde split up from Jason Sudeikis for Harry Styles? Find out her reaction here.
by Ana Walia | Fri, 09 Sep 2022 10:18:53 GMT
Olivia Wilde is baring it all. Image Source: Complex

Olivia Wilde is baring it. 

Olivia Wilde opened up about how the public reacted to her decision to split from ex-Jason Sudeikis and what criticism she received for her parenting in a recent cover story for Vanity Fair's October issue.

The actress-director, who was most recently seen at the 2022 International Venice Film Festival to promote her forthcoming movie, "Don't Worry Darling," said that women are condemning her for separating from Jason Sudeikis and that the entire world saw her being served with the custody papers. She explained during the interview that at CinemaCon she had a task to do and she performed that task well. Jason Sudeikis clarified that he did not have an idea that the custody papers would be served to her while she was presenting and stated that he would never do that to Olivia Wilde whereas Olivia believes Sudeikis planned the act "to interfere" with her big moment.

Olivia said that she must admit that she wasn't all that astonished with the serving of the custody paper and added that there's a good reason why she left that relationship. Unfortunately, that matched up with how she felt about the relationship, and once again said that she was thus most likely not astonished. However, the actress said that she was also quite upset by it and greatly concerned by it and explained that she is aware that the server expended a tremendous amount of energy to enter that space, and it required a great deal of planning. And she said that there are a ton of other options as she doesn't hide out all the time and would never have talked about that event if it hadn't been made public. 

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Olivia continued that she has received insults, including that she is a terrible mother, threatening her and her kids, and telling her that she should lose her children. The actress-director said that both she and Jason Sudeikis have equal custody of their children and pointed out that a lot of criticism comes when she is pictured with her current boyfriend, Harry Styles. She explained that when the kids are with Jason Sudeikis, she trusts him to be a great parent and she continues to live her life, but there is always so much judgment from people who have no idea about her life about her living her life.

The talk show personality Wendy Williams began a rant about Olivia Wilde in February 2021, overly extrapolating from paparazzi pictures. She chided Olivia Wilde straight in front of the camera that when her children are going to grow up, she is going to look like the worst mother who ever done it. Wendy also said that one just doesn't toss away the kids and fiancé.

Olivia Wilde said that while the crowd clapping did hurt her heart, it wasn't because she cared a great deal about Wendy Williams' view. She claimed that she wondered, "Why are these women enjoying this moment? Is it because, without ever questioning why they might have made those decisions, it somehow helps them feel better about their life, judgments, and choices?

During the interview, she also addressed that there were rumors that she decided to part ways with Jason Sudeikis for former One Direction member Harry Styles, to which Olivia said that it was a complete horseshit idea, stating that her and Jason’s relationship was over long before she met Harry Styles. Olivia said that their relationship ended with time like they hit some bumpy road. They officially dissolved the relationship towards the beginning of the pandemic, but they were co-parenting their kids through the time.

Olivia Wilde is currently dating Harry Styles who is also the lead actor of 'Don't Worry Darling'. Image Source: Cosmopolitan 

Olivia said that once it became clear that cohabitating was no longer beneficial for them and the kids, it became a responsible thing for them to decide to be parents as friends who live in different houses. She said that what she does not understand is the amount of drama and false narratives around this, and all she can think about is, haven’t the kids been through enough?

About the scenario, Olivia Wilde claims to have been "quite up front" with her kids and said that they understand the notion of making decisions to protect themselves and to live an authentic, happy life. She added that it's true that between the ages of 27 and 35, she underwent a lot of growth. She came to be a director and she believes that she discovered who she is as a person and mentioned that occasionally, as a person changes, connections that were built around an older version of your end.

She continues that she just recalls that only a very limited, trusted group of people are aware of her private life and her self-worth is in no way related to perception—just that's a losing struggle. Olivia Wilde makes a point of stating that Harry Styles' supporters have embraced her and described them as beautiful and kind individuals who make up his following. She said that she has had the chance to see some of the most heartfelt displays of acceptance and kindness. That's standing among 20,000 contented ladies. She looks for the right words but is unsuccessful to explain how she felt.