Doctor Strange and Dormammu -- What If...
by Susweta Bose | Tue, 17 Aug 2021 14:06:52 GMT

Dormammu is the dark force. The devourer of worlds. In the movie, Doctor Strange is killed more than once in the hands of Dormammu. This devourer of worlds was the mystic source that Doctor Strange fought when he grasped the ancient mystic powers of the world. It starts with Doctor Strenge’s character facing an unexpected accident when he was on top of his career and losing all his powers. After finding no relief absolutely in the traditional medicine methods, he finally rests his hope in something he did not trust before. Thereby arises the story where he meets and masters the mystic arts giving rise to Doctor Strange, the master of Time.

Now, when Strange masters the art of Time, he gains the power to access the multiple versions of the truth. This is seen in the last phase of Doctor Strange, where Dormammu keeps killing the Sorcerer Supreme, but he keeps returning. He then traps Dormammu in a time warp, making it possible for every second to continue reloading one after another. In doing so, he visits multiple possibilities of the same reality. And then, he chooses to enforce the one that works best for humankind.

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In Infinity War, Strange tells Stark that he has visited 14 million possibilities of defeat Thanos, and only 1 of them works. He asks Thanos to spare Stark’s life in exchange for the Time Stone to enforce that reality. This version of reality is then gestured to Stark in Endgame. After the gesture is conveyed to Stark, he steals all 6 Infinity Stones from Thanos and snaps his finger. This leads to the destruction of Thanos and his army and the end of Tony Stark as we know it.

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While we all know the story of Infinity War and Endgame, it is important to understand that the fight against Dormammu, where Strange sees the multiple versions of reality, makes him stronger. And it is this ultimate strength that leads to the end of the mad Titan Thanos. We wonder what would have happened if this fight has never taken place. Would the Mad Titan then remain undefeated? Well we hope, this is one of the storylines picked up by the What If…Series.