Does Susie Evans regret saying no to Clayton Echard in The Bachelor?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Mon, 21 Mar 2022 16:40:50 GMT
Clayton Echard and Susie Evans split ways in the season finale of The Bachelor; Credits: Cheat Sheet

The Bachelor season starring Clayton Echard has ended with its season finale, and the bachelor couldn't be closer than ever to living a beautiful life with his one true love. 

Clayton had his eyes set on Susie Evans, but the lady chickened out at the last moment in Iceland. While the two would have made a cute couple, Susie must have her own reasons to back out.

However, does she regret pulling out in Iceland?

Clayton's Bachelor season was one of the most controversial seasons in the Bachelor Nation franchise until now. Clayton had already singled out Susie as his pick from the show. But when he finally proposed to her, the lady turned him down!

As revealed by sources, Susie is completely happy with her decision to end her reality TV dating experience with Clayton Echard. Clayton is the lead man of the Bachelor Nation show the Bachelor's 26th season. Charming and handsome, many women would want to date him. 

Yet, Susie decided that she is not one of those women and bravely pulled out her name as one of the suitors of the handsome young man. She called an end to her relationship with Clayton in the season finale episode and bid adieu to the man. 

Though many people were doubtful if it was the right decision for Susie, she later revealed in the After the Final Rose episode that the two did get back together for a little while after the season finale. Yet, the lady talked with E! News recently and shared that she still stands by her decision of not accepting Claton's proposal at the time. 

As Susie was greatly repulsed by the fact that Clayton has spent two nights with his two finalists, she needed to end it right there. She needed closure and answers and also processed and healed from what she had endured in the show. The 28-year-old wedding videographer also revealed that both she and Clayton needed to work on themselves for the events that happened in Iceland. 

She also explained that ending her relationship with Clayton was actually not a very hasty decision but a choice that she made consciously. She added that she thinks it was the best thing that she did for herself, and the process of healing helped them both connect back together. 

Host Jesse Palmer had kind of revealed that Clayton went down on the knee for Susie in their talk after the Final Rose. Yet both Clayton and Susie vehemently denied having partaken in any such events. 

The photographer revealed that the proposal was something they both did not want. Hence, they talked with the producers right before the final show so that they were all in the clear. They wanted to make sure that any such event would not take place and that there were no surprises for them in the season finale. 

Though the couple did not share their happy ending on the screen with their audience, the two are presently at a happy place in their life. They both have found ways to connect with each other and are also more confident when it comes to them being together. 

Susie also talked about letting Clayton back into her life when she talked on the Good Morning America show. She revealed that she has reunited with Clayton and that they are comfortable together. The time they took heal opened them to pursue their relationship again, and as they have discussed the questions about their life together, the answers helped them move forward. 

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans are back together; Credits: CheatSheet

Clayton also shared that despite making many mistakes early on in his season, he has learned many lessons from the experience. He has learned to follow his heart, and luckily that would lead him to a happy place in his life.