Dune Director Denis Villeneuve Teases Details From The Film Sequel
by Meenakshi | Thu, 18 Nov 2021 10:05:28 GMT
Image Source: Vanity Fair, Brainerd Dispatch

Warner Bros produced the latest epic science fiction Dune, which has become one of the most successful films released after the opening of theatres following the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic as till now it has grossed over $94 million alone in markets which include the United States and Canada and also has been largely praised by critics as well, according to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 84% which is quite impressive even if one ignores the fact that the blockbuster has been directed by one of the biggest faces in Hollywood in terms of the current filmmakers the industry has to offer as of now who continuously tries to entertain the fans with their well-directed films, in this case, it is Dune, helmed by the 54-year-old Denis Villeneuve.

Dune is now set to receive a sequel as previously confirmed by Villeneuve himself in an interview which will hugely differ from its predecessor in one specific way, leaving the plot details that is the sequel is going to be a theatre exclusive which is definitely not the case with the first part as it simultaneously made its debut in theatres as well as on HBO Max. Villeneuve while appearing at a recent interview with Vampire briefly shared his experience while working on part one of what appears to be currently stretching to a three-part film series as the directed earlier hinted.

"I tried to keep all the space-travelling as mysterious as possible, like almost bringing some kind of mysticism or sacred relationship with that part of the movie. Everything involving space is just evocated and very mysterious [in Part One],” Villeneuve said of his experience during the making of Dune to Vampire, while also teasing the fans at the same time with bits and pieces from the second part of the movie, currently scheduled to release on October 20, 2023, carrying forward the storyline that the fans enjoyed in the first part.

He added, further elaborating on the various details from the first part while also giving hints about his upcoming movie. “The Heighliners that are used by the Spacing Guild are ships. We went through a long period of design. When we came [up] with that shape, I knew we had the right one. It feels like an echo to the worm, and at the same time it feels like it could be seen as a stargate. It's like the system that [the Imperium] are using to travel and to bridge space and time is… I like again to not explain it and try to stay in a zone of [the] unknown. I think it's absolutely beautiful. And that's where we took a little bit of liberty from the book, where it has a feeling that it could be something that is folding space in a way, that you can see it as almost as a stargate. But I like to keep it [a] mystery right now. It will be more permanent and explained in Part Two."

In addition to Denis Villeneuve as the director of Dune, the movie has an absolutely lovely cast that fits perfectly into their respective role that the directed would exactly vision such as Timothée Chalamet in the role of Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson in the role of Lady Jessica, Oscar Isaac in the role of Duke Leto Atreides, Josh Brolin in the role of Gurney Halleck, Stellan Skarsgård in the role of Vladimir Harkonnen, Dave Bautista in the role of Glossu Rabban, Stephen McKinley Henderson in the role of Thufir Hawat, Zendaya in the role of Chani, David Dastmalchian in the role of Piter De Vries, Chang Chen in the role of Dr. Wellington Yueh, Sharon Duncan-Brewster in the role of Dr. Liet-Kynes, Charlotte Rampling in the role of Gaius Helen Mohiam, Jason Momoa in the role of Duncan Idaho, and Javier Bardem in the role of Stilgar.