Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey honored with Disney Legend Status at D23 Expo
by Ana Walia | Sat, 10 Sep 2022 20:03:05 GMT
Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. Image Source: People

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey were honored at the D23 Expo with Disney Legend Status.

Grey’s Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey were recently honored at the D23 Expo, The Ultimate Disney Fan Event at the Anaheim Convention Center, with Disney Legend status and the internet went crazy with watching Meredith and Derek reunite. 

The stars headed to the stage and lent their hands and signatures to commemorate their status. Ellen Pompeo spoke to Entertainment Tonight’s Will Marfuggi after the ceremony and opened up about what the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy holds for her, as it was reported that she would be appearing in just eight episodes of Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Ellen Pompeo is reportedly going to split her time between the ABC hit show and will be starring and serving as executive producer on an eight-episode limited series, Untitled Orphan Project, which will premiere on Hulu, but the actress clarified that she will be a part of Grey’s Anatomy as much as she has always been. She added that the show is going to be fine without her as well but she will be there. 

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The actress said that it’s still Grey’s that she is there in spirit and that’s the house that Grey has built, so she is always there and mentioned that Meredith Grey has to just step away for a little bit to do a Hulu show. Ellen said that it’s a great company to work for and she is really lucky that they have allowed her to do both. It was an offer she couldn’t refuse, so she had to take it.

Talking about the Disney Legend Status, Ellen Pompeo said that she did not imagine anything like this for her to happen but she is glad that it has happened and admitted that she did not know that Disney Legends existed but she feels like a little bit of a Disney Princess at the moment and concluded that life started a little rocky and here she is in a big ballgown.

While Ellen Pompeo spoke to Will Marfuggi, actor Patrick Dempsey was on-stage and talking about sharing an honor with him. Ellen said that the truth is when a person is on that stage, the camera lights flash and it’s all so dark that it just makes it difficult for the one on stage to see who is cheering them from the audience, but mentioned that she cannot wait for his upcoming movie, Enchanted 2.

Patrick Dempsey spoke to Hollywood Life and said that he had such a great time when he was brought back as Dr. Derek Shepherd in season 17 during a dream sequence and said that it was great that the fans embraced it and that they could pull it off without the news of them being together for a dream sequence leaked to the audience, adding that it was a great surprise. When asked if he could return or had heard about Derek’s fake death, Patrick said that he knew about the fan theories and he was sure that the fans would find some way to bring him back to the show.

Patrick Dempsey acknowledged during an interview that he has a couple of ideas about working with Ellen Pompeo again on film and for the projects they could collaborate on. When pressed further, Patrick Dempsey responded that he will tell her first, and then they will see if something can actualize it adding Ellen and he has always had a really special friendship that extends both on and off the screen. Patrick said she had a Boston accent when he first met her, and because he is originally from Maine, it was incredibly adorable and we hit it off straight away.

Patrick Dempsey continued, saying that he believed their relationship had a significant role in the success of the program, 'Grey's Anatomy as people want to think that love exists, he added. People all around the world wished that they were genuinely together, too. However, she has Christopher Ivery, and Patrick have Jillian Fink, both of whom are amazing individuals, so happily they have each other.

The actor flaunted his new platinum blond hair for his forthcoming Ferrari movie as he strolled the red carpet. Patrick stated that he is currently working on a film in Rome that Michael Mann is directing which also has Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari. Patrick added that he is portraying the character of Piero Taruffi, the racer who wins the Mile Miglia in 1957, in the film, which is about Ferrari's life in the 1950s. The actor added that with a terrific director, it has been a dream job adding that everything was wonderful. Therefore, it combines everything he enjoys. 

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Patrick Dempsey, while accepting his honor, said that he finds it remarkable to be standing on stage in front of people and said that it's very moving to him when he looks back and see how many films and projects he has done with Disney. The actor added that it's been a profound experience and said that he is so grateful to be a part of it. Patrick, who is famously known as Derek Shepherd, acknowledged the character and said that the success of "Grey's Anatomy" worldwide gives you an incredible platform. And, he thinks, that in itself is special, but fame is not everything. It's sometimes very empty.

Patrick added that after his mother lost her fight with ovarian cancer, he told the gathering that the most crucial thing is to be of service and give back, and he went on to describe how he has done so in his hometown of Lewiston, Maine. He said that his ability to create the Dempsey Center for cancer, hope, and healing was made possible by his role as Derek Shepherd. His goal is to promote awareness since he firmly thinks that these services should be made available to cancer patients as soon as possible in addition to conventional treatment.