Emma Roberts on making her way and name in the industry
by Ana Walia | Sat, 29 Jan 2022 21:34:47 GMT
Image Source: InStyle, Nancy Drew Wiki - Fandom

Actress Emma Roberts is opening up about how she feels to be related to iconic and critically acclaimed actress Julia Roberts.

Emma Roberts stated that just because she shares the last name with her aunt Julia Roberts and they work in the same profession, she has never felt the pressure to reach where she is but rather she has always aspired to create her path and make her name.

Emma shared with Tatler magazine, "I never aspired to be her. I love her so much. I love her work, but I'm just doing my own thing.” Emma is the daughter of Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham and with her dedication, focus, and passion she does, has managed to carve her name in the industry.

Emma Roberts does not aspire to be like aunt Julia Roberts. Image Source: Newsweek 

Emma Roberts started her career with being a Nickelodeon star as she starred in ‘Unfabulous’ and later in 2006’s ‘Aquamarine’, 2007’s, ‘Nancy Drew’ and 2009’s ‘Hotel for Dogs’. The actress was later drawn to more grey and dark shade characters as she appeared in American Horror Story and Scream Queens. She said, "My favorite parts have been ones that people don't expect — when Ryan Murphy cast me in American Horror Story, for example. People saw me as this nice, teen girl and I couldn't get older, edgier roles at the time. He gave me that opportunity, and I'd love to do that for others."

Emma Roberts in Scream Queens. Image Source: TIME

Emma during her interview shared that she did not like the way media was chasing her when she was pregnant and added, "The way I was followed and treated when I was pregnant was disgusting. I’d be driving to a doctor’s appointment, and they’d be following me so closely. At one point, I remember saying to them, ‘Please don’t do that. I’m eight months pregnant.’ But they don’t care. It’s not the fun, creative part of the job, for sure." Emma welcomed son Rhodes with ex-Garrett Hedlund. The couple broke up a few weeks ago and the actress mentioned that the past two years have been the most life-changing for her.

Emma added, "I'm at a place where I can say I may not have got everything right but I like who I am more than I ever have. My life has changed more in the past two years than it did in the 28 years beforehand, and I love where I'm standing now at the age of 30." The source close to the couple said that the breakup was hard and sad and now the two of them are focusing on co-parenting.

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund decided to go their separate ways a few weeks ago. Image Source: Complex

During the Tatler interview, the actress recalls herself being on the sets of Julia Roberts’ movies like Erin Brockovich and America’s Sweethearts. Talking about the memory of tagging along with Julia on sets, Emma said, "I'd write the wardrobe tags and organize the makeup brushes and watch how they did their continuity books. I would ask questions without a filter. This industry really is 'learn as you go’.”

Julia Roberts back in 2013 shared with Los Angeles Times that she is very proud of her niece for handling the fame with such dignity and understanding. Julia said, "When she comes to stay with us, I always think, 'Please let her be the same' — and she is still the same magical girl she used to be. I think so much of it has to do with your intentions in taking on a business like this. If you have a pure view of what you want to accomplish, I think you can maintain your sense of self."