Everything we know about Kodak Black's arrest in South Florida
by Ana Walia | Sat, 16 Jul 2022 20:35:15 GMT
Kodak Black was arrested in South Florida. Image Source: Billboard

Kodak Black was arrested in South Florida.

According to reports from CNN, Kodak Black, real name Bill Kahan Kapri, has been arrested in South Florida after a traffic stop and the Florida Highway Patrol flagged his car with tinted windows, which was more than it’s legally allowed to have the windows tinted.

Following a thorough check of his automobile and the scent of marijuana, the cops stopped Kodak Black and discovered that his vehicle's registration had lapsed. They also located a little bag containing 31 white oxycodone tablets and $75,000 in cash. According to online police records, Kodak Black was detained on Friday for possessing a controlled drug without a prescription and was later booked into a prison in Fort Lauderdale.

Bill Kahan Kapri’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, said in a statement that people should stop judging a case based on an arrest and added that some facts and circumstances give rise to defense, especially in this case, and they negotiated a bond of $75,000 and will now move forward to resolve the matter quickly.

Kodak Black was released after negotiating a bond of $75,000. Image Source: People 

In 2016, Kodak Black was charged with sexually abusing a young girl. He later decided to plead guilty to first-degree assault and battery to have his sentence reduced from 10 years in prison to 18 months on probation.

After entering a plea of guilty to making false statements with intent to unlawfully obtain guns from a gun store in the Mimao region in 2019, he was given a three-year jail term. Later, in January 2021, in the closing weeks of his tenure as president of the United States, Donald J. Trump commuted his sentence. Kapri was referred to by his White House administration as "a distinguished artist and community leader." 

The rapper, Kodak Black was most recently arrested in his hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida after he was reported trespassing in the early hours of New Year's.