Excellent news, Tiger woods showing strong signs of recovery
by Surabhi Goel | Sat, 31 Jul 2021 08:18:48 GMT
Tiger Woods: swinging towards recovery (image source - twitter)

Tiger woods showing a positive sign of recovery now, after being in a tragic car crash five months ago on Feb.23. Woods was seen putting if not all then considerate weight on his operated leg, still wearing the crutches and a protective sleeve.

Tiger woods and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, were spotted in Los Angeles this week, they were seen standing and what appeared to be even walking a little bit outside of their Beverly Hills hotel.

In his accident on Feb. 23rd, Woods suffered from “Contaminated open fractures”. Doctors had to use screws, pins, and rods to repair the damage. It’s a piece of positive news for Tiger Woods and his fans as many doubted if he would ever be able to use his right leg adequately after the accident.

image source - the-sun.com

Woods is not new to the experience of dealing with long recoveries. He has had many surgical procedures in the past, including five surgical procedures on his left knee another five surgeries on his back, and a spinal fusion in April 2017. He had his fourth microdiscectomy surgery this past December. Microdiscectomy 

 is a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure, it is a common surgery and the main goal of this surgery is to take give a person relief from back pain by taking the pressure off from their nerves. 

Woods has been spending most of his time in his Florida home recovering from the injury, nonetheless, he has taken at least two trips to L.A. after the accident.

The amount of recovery is still not clear but with the improvement in his movement, Woods does look in a much better shape now. We all have to wait and see if the Golf legend has any plans of returning to the game. Nevertheless, it’s cheerful to him recover and walk again.