Fan theory suggests Taylor's All Too Well is about 2010's flame, Jake Gyllenhaal
by Jaskiran Kaur | Sat, 13 Nov 2021 14:59:16 GMT
Fans guess if Taylor Swift's new short film is about Jake Gyllenhaal; Credits: Hollywood Life

Taylor Swift pulled the most epic throwback move ever by creating a complete short film from a song of hers dating back to 2012. 

The iconic singer's All Too Well short film is apparently, according to some fans, a full-fledged film dedicated to her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie has quite many references to her short-lived fling with the actor. 

The video runs for about 15 minutes, and the writing and directing credits go straight to the Grammy award-winning singer. Released on November 12, Friday, the film also brought along a reimagined version of Taylor's album Red. The short project debuted acting performances from Sadie Sink, the famous actress from Stranger Things. She stars along with Dylan O'Brien from Teen Wolf to show a sad romance. 

The characters of Sink and O'Brien do not have any specific names in the short movie and are referred to as "Her" and "Him" in the film. Notably, the young actors look very similar to both Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, aged 40. 

Of course, fans were quick to spot the apparent easter eggs in the video and the similarity that the actors bore to the former couple. While Taylor Swift, or even the Spider-Man: Far From Home actor, has not yet revealed if truly is the inspiration behind the song and the movie, but guessing from Taylor's habit of positioning her exes as her muses, it is only fair that Jake Gyllenhaal has his own Swift song. 

Sidestepping the question easily when asked if the song was about the proposed actor, Taylor told Extra, "That’s one of the interesting questions that people ask me all the time about songs, and what I think is important to note is that these songs were mine years ago when they were written." She continued, "Now they’re ours, now they’re shared. I think every person out there might have someone they think of when they hear the song, and that’s what I want."

Even when the song was not yet released with its extended, magnified version, Taylor appreciated the fact that the song was so loved by her audience. She addressed the song as being a cult favorite amongst her fans as she told The Associated Press on Friday, “This is all about what the fans have turned this song into.” “It was never a single, never had a video, it never had a visual element to it, but they pretty much created their own imaginary cinematic universe for it, so this is just me following through on what they started and what they told me they wanted,” she added. 

Another fun fact about the song is that the actors that portrayed a young Taylor and her boyfriend also feature a great age gap just as the original couple does. Sadie Sink is only, but 19 and O'Brien are 30. The two fit the part quite well, and recognizing the brilliance of their performance in the short film, Taylor shared, "I trusted Dylan and Sadie. They were so prepared. They were so committed." "You couldn’t really keep your eyes off of them on the monitors, so obviously, you try to prepare as much as you can before you get there. But on the day, that electricity is either there, or it’s not, and the onscreen chemistry between those two — they’re just so talented,” she told Extra.

When Jake Gyllenhaal was asked if he does have a Swift song to his name and if he was the inspiration behind "All Too Well" back in 2015 during an interview on The Howard Stern Show, he had simply asked, “Do I? I don’t know.” Swift and  Gyllenhaal were linked together for a short time in 2010. Years later, the two have found partners that better suit them. Taylor Swift has been dating Joe Alwyn since 2017, while Gyllenhaal has been together with Jeanne Cadieu since 2018. 

Here are all the easter eggs that fans came up with while discerning if the song actually has a link to The Guilty actor or not;

Taylor Swift wore a black scarf with white stripes on a walk with Gyllenhaal; Credits: The Verge

First and foremost, O'Brien looks ridiculously like Gyllenhaal, and the uncanny resemblance stood out even more as the Teen Wolf debuted a bearded look in the short film. Needless to say, the beard's style was just as Gyllenhaal had sported around the time. He also wore a beanie, which you would remember to be a staple of Gyllenhaal while he was together with Taylor Swift. 

Next, as pointed out earlier, the actors that took on the roles of the two lovers in the short film sport an age gap rivaling the one between the OG couple. Swift was 20 at the time when she was dating Gyllenhaal, aged 29 in 2010. Many inside sources of the couple later went on to say that the couple's breakup was majorly due to their tremendous age gap. 

Additionally, Taylor Swift started carrying her signature red lip just around the time she had started dating Gyllenhaal. Her first experiment with the color was in 2009, and then Sink was seen looking lethal with a red shade painted on her lips as she had a heated battle with O'Brien in the movie. The short film, of course, shows her rocking the same look referencing the muse to be Taylor herself. 

Next comes the very famous pictures of Swift and Gyllenhaal as they walked through a forest during fall. The 10-minute film featured a scene just as similar to the pictures Us Weekly had shared of the couple packing on some PDA in New York back in late 2010. 

Another part of the film that strongly resonates with Swift is that her onscreen character of All Too Well is shown to share her heartbreak with the world through writing a book, which has now attracted a big group of people attending her book reading along with her ex-boyfriend. Naturally, all Taylor Swift fans know that she does have the habit of channeling her aching heart into songs, and it is necessarily the same thing if her character does so by writing a book. 

The final ball drop comes from fans that have constantly stood by the point that Jake Gyllenhaal has been wearing the same scarf that Taylor Swift wore during their Brooklyn walk, seen in the November 2010 pics, that too, years after they had broken up. Similarly, the onscreen 'Him' character was seen wearing the scarf of 'Her,' which she had abandoned at his sister's house. 

Jake Gyllenhaal is seen wearing a scarf similar to Taylor Swift's from 2010; Credits: The Verge

While the clues all match up, it is your imagination what you think the short film to be.