For what reason was Jesse Williams scared of his Broadway debut, 'Take Me Out,' on its opening day?
by Ana Walia | Thu, 07 Apr 2022 19:35:27 GMT
Jesse Williams debuted on Broadway with 'Take Me Out'. Image Source: ET

Actor Jesse Williams, who has made his Broadway debut with "Take Me Out," shared with Page Six that he was terrified of stripping down on stage, but the actor added that he noted that he had asked God for something different. He asked to be terrified, something challenging and scary that could make him feel alive and not comfortable, and this was his chance to shine.

After portraying Dr. Jackson Avery for 12 seasons on "Grey’s Anatomy," the actor decided to bid goodbye to the show and now stars in a Broadway revival of the 2002 play where he portrays Darren Lemming, a gay baseball player who comes out to the world. Down below, Jesse added that there is nothing to be shy about, but the thought of being naked on stage while making his Broadway debut made him a little nervous.

The actor, who is loved for his Dr. Jackson Avery character, said that he just does not let the excitement settle in and he knows that everything is going to be fine and all he has to do is trust his craft and move forward. Jesse acknowledges that he is very grateful that he was chosen to play Darren Lemming because he has never done something like this before and he is truly humbled to be a part of such an incredible show. Jesse added that the respect and gratitude he had for theatre actors had grown even more, and all of this is very wild to him, but he’s happy to be a part of it.

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Jesse recently told Variety that as a performer, he feels more emotionally evolved in the project than he did a few years ago. The actor added that playing baseball, trying to be vulnerable, and understanding oneself was an eye-opener experience for him.

Take Me Out also stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Patrick J. Adams and is directed by nine-time Tony nominee Scott Ellis, who told Variety that if someone took this play to many places in the United States, it would be shocking and that’s sad. Talking about sad, Jesse Williams seems a little sad about leaving Grey’s Anatomy. One of the reasons is that he left a favorable, coveted, and high-paying position on a successful TV show to follow his path, and now he desires to shed his family responsibilities.

The issue is the fact that in 2019, Jesse Williams agreed to continue to pay child and spousal support, but later, after he left Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse filed paperwork requesting to decrease his child support because of the low income his ex-wife had argued, stating that if he could not pay the agreed amount for child support, which was $40,000 per month, then maybe he shouldn’t have left the show.

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Jesse Williams also stated that their children's lifestyle does not reflect the $40,000 child support lifestyle he pays for because they live a modest lifestyle and do not engage in expensive hobbies, or attend expensive camps, or fly by private jets, or own vacation homes. The actor added that he had agreed to pay $40,000 per month as child support solely due to his then significant Grey’s Anatomy income.

Jesse Williams mentioned that he left the show because he wanted to grow and shape his career, and the character he played on the show had marked 95% of his acting reputation, which he wanted to expand. The actor who debuted on Broadway said that his current work income consists of $1,668 per week, which starts in March and ends in May/June, before adding that he has been looking out for projects and appearances for the future, but he has not booked anything as of now.