Hailee Steinfeld on playing 'Kate Bishop' in 'Hawkeye'
by Ana Walia | Wed, 22 Dec 2021 10:53:10 GMT
Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner in 'Hawkeye'. Image Source: Variety 

Hailee Steinfeld, who had her breakthrough in the industry with the western drama film "True Gift," earned her nominations for the Academy Award, BAFTA Awards and the SAG Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has been a part of acclaimed projects where she has been appreciated for her roles and her ability to deliver apt performances.

Hailee Steinfeld is currently starring as Kate Bishop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's "Hawkeye," and the audience has been praising the actress for her hard work and dedication to the show. She mentioned that she is extremely happy with the way the show has turned out to be and that the characters in it have come to life.

We will spare you from any spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet, but just like everyone else, we’d like to appreciate Hailee Steinfeld for doing an excellent job as Kate Bishop and giving the audience a literal holiday treat.

But do you know how she feels about being a part of the MCU? Let’s find out here:

Hailee Steinfeld, who has also been a part of the critically acclaimed "Dickinson" on Apple Plus, shared how she landed the role of Kate Bishop. She shared, "When I found out I got the job, I was actually pulling up to set on Dickinson. My driver got out of the car and went to open my door, and I held it shut because it was like, "I need a moment." I hadn’t gotten a "you got the job" call in a minute. My mom was on the phone, and I started crying in the back seat of the car. I was like, "Wow, this is so wild." I was trying to wrap my head around how different it was going to be from Dickinson, and how ready but anxious I was about the whole thing. "

The singer-actress spoke to Variety and expressed that she was thrilled when she was offered the role of Kate Bishop in Hawkeye. She said, "It’s really a privilege to be able to play a character that could in any way possibly inspire anyone. Kate Bishop is a character that I would have loved to have had growing up—somebody who is completely ambitious, driven, and disciplined, and takes it upon herself to do whatever it is she has to do to achieve her goals."

Hailee said, " It’s really a privilege to be able to play a character that could in any way possibly inspire anyone". Image Source: Tom's Guide 

Hailee also spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her character where she mentioned, "She's so smart and witty and quick and her physical ability to do so many things is through the roof. It's really tested me, and it's kept me going through quarantine. I will say, it's given me a reason to stay with it. But I'm very excited as I continue developing her to see sort of how we come up with it all. "

Talking about Jeremy Renner, who plays Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, explains that Clint has become like a father figure or wise sage superhero and that has turned into a pattern. He explains, "If you look at all of Clint’s relationships—if it’s with Wanda and getting her to be convinced, ‘Put your boots on and go be an Avenger,’ or if it’s with Natasha, all the way through this thing now with [Kate], maybe he’s just sort of the MCU dad. Possibly that’s his superpower. And by the way, I think most parents that are involved, good busy parents, are superheroes. "

In the recent episodes of Hawkeye, it was revealed that Florence Pugh, who plays Yelana (Natasha’s sister), is also going to be a part of Hawkeye, but the cast was asked to keep their lips sealed about how she may or may not appear. Hailee added, "My reaction was, ‘No way. It’s all happening. I never fail to get incredibly excited. I even geek out over... One thing about the MCU is these delicately interwoven details throughout each and every film and TV show. It’s incredible. So I saw that, and I was like, "That means something." I don’t know what, but we’re going to find out. "

Florence Pugh, who plays Yelana (Natasha’s sister), is also going to be a part of Hawkeye. Image Source: Collider 

The six-episode series is now streaming on Disney+ and with the amount of love and appreciation Hailee has received for playing Kate Bishop, she shared, "It has been so unbelievable reading all your messages and seeing all your love and support for the show and for Kate Bishop. I truly cannot thank you enough, and I cannot wait for you to see the season finale on Disney+! "

Hailee also voiced the lead in Arcane, which is the highest-rated Netflix series of all time. From her breakthrough performance to landing a role in Marvel Universe, Hailee Steinfeld, 25, has proven that she is one of the industry's most hardworking actresses. She is gearing up to voice her character, Gwen Stacy, in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and its sequel, and also the second season of Arcane, were announced.

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