Halloween Kills is ready to bring forward more nerve-chilling stories
by Jaskiran Kaur | Fri, 08 Apr 2022 18:59:23 GMT
The film stars Robert Longstreet and Dylan Arnold; Credits: IMDB

Halloween Kills is an utter terror ride, staying true to its horror genre. Now, the film is set to reach another level of terror as the franchise continues with another movie in the Halloween film series. 

Spoiler Alert for Halloween Kills!

At the end of Halloween Kills, the audience sees a terrible take of events as Lonnie, played by Robert Longstreet, and his son Cameron, played by Dylan Arnold, are killed by Michael Myers. The murderer soon descends hell over Allyson, played by Andi Matichak, who is just one step away from breathing her last when she is saved by her mother Karen, played by Judy Greer. 

Karen, the savior, saves Allyson by stabbing Michael in the back using a pitchfork. The vengeful mother's rage knows no bounds as she builds a trap to provide the ultimate pitfall for Michael. 

Led by his mask into the middle of an angry mob, the killer is trapped with nowhere to go. Tommy Doyle, played by Anthony Michael Hall is in charge of the mob as they together try to stop Michael once and for all. 

On the other hand, Karen retreats back to her daughter in the Myers house, but Michael Myers knows his way around and gets loose from the mob. He kills each and every member of the mob in an act of revenge and is back again to continue his parade of terror. 

While things could have cooled down, and Halloween Kills could have finally been content with all the blood Michael spilled when killing the mob, director David Gordon Green had another death planned. Though it could have been a little less gory for Laurie, Allyson, and Karen to come together to fight Micahel, the bleak ending shows Karen becoming the final victim of Michael as she was heading into the Myers house. 

While many fans are okay with Karen dying in Halloween Kills, there are many others who do not see the sense in it. It would have been utterly satisfying to see three generations of the Strode family coming together in their fight against Michael, and while lead characters get killed off in horror films all the time, it could have saved Karen from that fate. 

Though there can still be a good enough reason for Karen having died, her death need not be at the end of Halloween Kills. InInsteadthe character could have been given the chance to live for one more movie in the film franchise. 

The lady of the role, Judy Greer, recently spoke about why she thinks David Gordon Green decided to have her character killed off in Halloween Kills. The actress shared the details of her role in the film as she talked with Collider about her latest work, The Thing About Pam. 

Revealing how she initially received the news about the impending death of her character, she shared that David Gordon Green called her and said that he would like to talk with her before she was sent the script of the film to start shooting. She immediately understood by the director wanted to do that and was livid. 

The director reasoned that someone had to die in the film, but it could not be Jamie or Karen's daughter as she is supposed to carry on the franchise to its next installment. The actress couldn't understand why it had to be her character and shared that she wanted to say swear words to let out the emotions she felt at that moment. 

The director revealed that he was sorry for having to kill off her character, and even though looked into other ways to end the film, he couldn't find any. The actress also knew that Green was right with his logic. 

While the actress still says that there was some hope for her character, she knows that between Laurie, Karen and Allyson, it would always be her first to go out. Yet, fans can only wish that there is some way that her death in the film would help propel the story forward and play some part in the plot. 

So, as Halloween Ends come closer, fans can finally get a closure into why Karen had to die in the prequel film. Green is herself speculative of the fact that the next film would reveal why the story had to take this particular course. 

While fans might think that Greer already knows where the story is headed in the next film that will drop this spooky season, the actress revealed that she doesn't know much about the latest film. When the director had asked her if she wanted to know what would happen in the next film, she had refused to read it. 

As Halloween Ends comes to nearby screens on October 14, there are still six months in the waiting line to gather more information on the franchise and how the past events would trickle into and relate with the new film.