Hannah Brown spills the tea on Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid romance
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 23 Nov 2021 16:50:42 GMT
Image Source: Glamour, ELLE

Hannah Brown talks about being 'blindsided' by Gigi Hadid amidst Tyler Cameron's romance. The Bachelorette recently opened up about her romantic life and shared a few never known before details.

In her new book about her life, Hannah Brown writes about her romance with Tyler Cameron and how the rekindled flame from times of "The Bachelorette" soon led to heartbreak for the young lady. 

Getting sidetracked in relationships can be quite easy, and Hannah Brown has just come revealing all the mistakes she made in her recent fling. The star recently wrote her memoir, which is to be featured as a new book, God Bless This Mess. The reality TV star used the opportunity to spill some tea on her latest flings and the mistakes that accompanied them. 

She writes about her relationship with Jed Wyatt and the eventual breakup after The Bachelorette followed by her reuniting with former fling Tyler Cameron. The book contains details about more inside deets from the 2019 season of the show that had aired that summer, and while Hannah had handed over the final rose to Jed instead of Tyler in the 2021 spring premiere of the show finale, the couple did not last long. 

The star went on to call off the relationship with Jed and restarted her romance with Tyler somewhere around the middle of July this year. Apparently, this all happened just a few weeks before the stars had to reunite for the filming of After the Final Rose at the end of the month. 

Hannah Brown broke up with Jed Wyatt before getting together with Tyler; Credits: People

The reunion episode showed Hannah asking Tyler out to date after they were done with the show, and all of this was actually aired during the live premiere of After the Final Rose. The two went on a date after they were done with the shoot, and soon enough, the rumors of the two stars dating had started to surface. Tyler was also photographed heading out of Hanna's Los Angeles apartment, and while they did not quickly talk about their stay-in, Hannah shared that the two had just “ordered some food and laughed and talked for hours,” according to the memoir book.

Hannah also discloses that their relationship was solely intellectual for a time being, with the two being content with not going a step further into a physical relationship. However, in a particularly juicy bit in the book, Hannah does reveal that the two made out on the roof of her apartment. Hannah revealed, “It felt like a release of all these months of buildups and tensions between us,” before adding, “And it was real now because there was nobody there but us. Truly nobody.” 

The two fell for each other soon enough, and Tyler admitted that he will not be seeing anyone else apart from Hannah, making things exclusive. This new update in the relationship was followed by the couple making plans to introduce each other to their families and also was succeeded by the two planning to go on a couple's trip together, with no one else joining the vacation. 

Also, Tyler showed up to be a thoughtful person, not forcing Hannah into things, and the gesture was very much appreciated by the young lady. She revealed, “He said he wanted to take things slow, and that meant so much to me." “Even after everything we’d been through, he stopped and respected me, which made me fall for him even more.”

However, things did take a dire turn not late after their initial fling. A day after the couple decided on vacation plans, Tyler had to fly to New York, and the basic mode of conversation for the two was left to texting. The two texted all day long, and this definitely made Hannah dream of a better future for the two. But soon, things went a little astride. Despite Tyler first saying to make things exclusive, now called and inquired if Hannah was okay with seeing other people while they could still also see each other. 

Hannah, who had been hoping for a relationship, was definitely not up for this and told Tyler that she was not comfortable with the idea. Tyler agreed that they would talk more on the topic later, but Hannah did not receive a call or text from him again that day. And the next day, Hannah got the shock of her life as she saw pictures of Tyler on a date with Gigi Hadid

The star broke down on the pages as she wrote, “This wasn’t a TV show. This wasn’t some game. My time with Tyler at my apartment wasn’t some meaningless hookup, the way it was portrayed in the press. My heart was on the line. And he broke it. With a supermodel. Can you imagine? I was so embarrassed and hurt, and it was all so public. Again."

Hannah shared her heartbreak at Tyler's hand; Credits: 

The heartbreak of the documented breakup and Tyler's inability to respect her emotions was truly overwhelming for Hannah. She said, "It all caught me so off guard. I was far too broken to put up with it. I had just been so vulnerable with him. I was so honest about how I felt about him. And then this?” She revealed that Tyler had tried calling her but did not receive the call on good terms as she said, “I was so mad. We basically hung up on each other." 

Anyway, Tyler also received the shorter end of the stick with Gigi, and the two called it quits the relationship soon enough. This, once again led to a do-over for Tyler, who got to reunite with Hannah following his mother's death in February 2020. As Hannah was already together with Tyler at that point, she also had to spend a few weeks from the initial lockdown phase over at Tyler's where they were joined by his friends in March 2020. 

The two, however, did not further their romantic advances and Hannah left things still hanging between her and Tyler when she left his place in April that year. The two eventually decided to stay friends and make things work. They even reunited on the sets of a short YouTube video in fall 2020, and while the former couple tried joking with each other and practiced some light-hearted jabs, things were definitely not the same. The two tried explaining their famous fallout in the video, and through their significant onscreen chemistry, the two were quite awkward with each other. 

Hannah later revealed, “No matter how much we talked and connected, I always felt like his bench girl. Like I was the backup player who never go to play in the game.” “I was the girl he would confide in. He told me I was the only girl he could talk to for hours and hours on the phone. But my vulnerability and availability seemed to get used only when it was convenient for him, in between me watching him go out with other girls in public. And being in that position left me hurting,” said the TV star.

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid pictured by paparazzi; Credits: Cosmopolitan

The star ended her Tyler chapter in her life, saying, “Tyler took up way too much space in my head and lived there rent-free for way too long.” Eventually, the star revoked her decision to remain friends with Tyler as it "hurt too much," but is still hopeful for something better for the two in the future. She ended by saying, “That happened about six months before I sat down to write this page in my book — and I haven’t heard from him since. His last poetic words to me were, ‘Well if you rock with me, you rock with me. If you don’t, you don’t.’ I wish I was making that up.”