Heather Dubrow announces return to RHOC but says she would never join RHUGT
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 02 Dec 2021 14:04:02 GMT
Image Source: Wikipedia, OK Magazine

Heather Dubrow has finally made a comeback to Real Housewives of Orange County, but while many people were hopeful that she would also agree for the Girls Trip reunion, apparently, the star has made up her mind to 'never' join RHUGP. 

The reality TV star has returned to the sets of RHOC, The Real Housewives of Orange County after a long while. And as many speculated if the decision could also mean that she will finally join the ladies on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl Trip, the star shattered everyone's expectations saying that she will not be joining it any time now. 

Heather Dubrow made her views clear about the reality TV show while conversing on the Pay Attention Puh-Lease podcast with Hollywood Life. Hence, as she talked about returning back to the RHOC series, she revealed why she had decided to not take part in the "all-stars" trip as provided by the ultimate girls outing series, RHUGT. 

Strongly conveying that she is of no mind to join the girls' trip, the TV celebrity said, “Never. It’s never happening.” She continued, explaining herself in the process of the podcast interview as she said, “I think it’s a phenomenal idea, and I am not judging it at all. It looks fun, and I haven’t watched it yet … it’s just not my thing.”

Heather was previously seen on The Real Housewives of Orange County for the first time in season 7. She went on to stay on the series until season 11, when she eventually took her to leave from the series. However, now she has, once again, returned to the reality TV franchise, and fans are generally very excited for her. While you will get to see the lady in the 16th season of the show, it is not yet decided if Heather Dubrow will also make an appearance on your screens when the show rolls in for the successive season. 

Hence, Dubrow, aged 52, added, “At least, you know, with one group of people that I know and this is an authentic group that I have friendships with and relationships with is one thing, but to go off … I don’t know, it sounds like too much anxiety for me!”. 

When asked if she would again make a comeback if the producers ask her to join the series again, the star simply replied that she "couldn't say" as of now, but the option is always on the table. She explained, “I think we’ve made a really good season. I think the audience is going to be incredibly satisfied, and it’s what I think they were asking for, and in that way, I think it’s great.” 

Revealing more about the season, the star shared that fans are going to be left totally sated with the proceedings of the show this season. She added, “It’s a transitional season in the best way, and it ends in a way that I’ve never ended a season before, so I think it’s gonna be great.” Adding further fuel to the fire of speculations surrounding her return to the season and if she is ever going to join more of the franchise's sister productions, the actress simply teased that she would make up her mind in a few more months. “Ask me again in a few months!” said the star about her eventual return, if ever.

The show this season is in its 16th successive run and will feature appearances from Shannon Beador. She was first seen on the series in the 9th season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Additionally, other stars to enter the stage once again are Gina Kirscheniter and Emily Simpson, who had together joined the series during its 13th season. Apart from the familiar faces, the series is also to welcome a few new faces to the show. First is Noella Bergener, who will then be joined by Jennifer Armstrong, and if reports are to be believed, the two are going to make a pretty big bang on the series. 

Making her big return to the show, Heather says, “Hello? I’m back,” during the season's trailer, while Emily, aged 45, says, “I love Heather,” when talking to Gina. Gina, aged 45, says that she loves Heather too as Heather "brings me to a fancy s***.” Of course, things are not so sweet during the entire show. Apparently, Shanon betrays Gina and Emily telling Heather not to trust them. “I thought we were friends, Shannon,” Emily says, and Gina simply adds to Shannon, “I feel bad for you.”