Here are the best LGBTQ+ movies you should watch on Netflix today!
by Jaskiran Kaur | Sat, 02 Apr 2022 06:31:51 GMT
Hollywood has been finally bettering its stance on queer characters and providing them more opportunities; credits: Collider

Netflix is the best place to watch some great LGBTQ+ content. While most films these days feature a passing reference to the community for the sake of inclusivity, not many of them are singularly distinct characters from the LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY. 

The past decade has shown a definite increase in queer representation in the entertainment industry as compared to the negligible portrayal of queer actors and queer characters. There were films of lesser budget and independent origin in the past, like But I'm A Cheerleader, Jennifer's Body, and Desert Hearts that managed to share LGBTQ stories, but these films failed to impact the audience at the time. 

They only became cult favorites now, years after their original release back in the time. Fortunately enough, these stories are now receiving mainstream attention, and we have films that are refreshingly honest with their queer representation. Love, Simon, Call Me By Your Name, and Moonlight are a few films that make the cut for the best LGBTQ+ productions around this time. 

Here are the best queer movies that you can watch on Netflix now!:-

Alex Strangelove

Written and directed by Craig Johnson, Alex Strangelove stars Daniel Doheny, Antonio Marziale, and Madeline Weinstein. The 2018 film follows the journey of Alex Truelove, a teenager who just began his journey to find love. Played by Daniel Doheny, Alex finds himself becoming attracted to his best friend of years, Claire, played by Madeline Weinstein. After he kisses her at a party, they both start dating. 

But things get a little confusing when Alex meets Elliot, played by Antonio Marziale. Elliot is boldly out of the closet as gay, and his meeting with Alex leaves the latter confused and struggling. While he and Elliot begin their relationship of friendship, Alex can't help but wonder if he is attracted to his guy friend.

The romantic comedy is truly good in the depiction of both the combined genre as the characters go through a roller coaster of fun experiences while Alex struggles to decide if he is bisexual or gay. He does his best to appease both his relationship with Claire and his newfound connection with Elliot, but only watching the film can tell how he finally manages to understand his feelings. 

One of the best teen romance movies, Alex Strangelove, is uniquely refreshing and entertaining to watch. 

Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen

Disclosure: Tans Lives on Screen is a documentary film that focuses on bringing the transgender community of Hollywood onto the screen. It showcases the gradual change in American society as more and more queer people made it onto the screens, all the while sharing how it had shaped queer lives in the interim. 

The film features the stories of Laverne Cox, MJ Rodriguez, Angelica Ross, Yance Ford, Lilly Wachowski, Chaz Bono, and others. The film highlights the historical misrepresentation of transgender people on the screens, which led to harm to the community. 

There are not many films that bring healthy exposure to the plights and predicament of the queer, let alone a documentary that would explain how films like Ace Ventura and Tootsie affected the safety of the community over time. Directed by Sam Feder, the film includes a cast consisting of Laverne Cox, MJ Rodriguez, and Angelica Ross.

Ride or Die

Starring Kiko Mizuhara and Honami Sato, Ride and Die feature a directorial debut by Ryuichi Hiroki and a write-up by Nami Sakkawa. The film of Japanese origin stars Kiko Mizuhara in the character of Rei. The 20 something woman is in love with a former classmate, Nanae, for years, who suffers under the regime of her abusive and violent husband. 

Rei kills Nanae's husband to save her, and the two elope together to escape the crime scene. Though Nanae is conflicted about Rei in the beginning, their lonely days on the run bring them together. While Rei was initially honorable in her intentions and killed Nanae's husband to save her friend from his brutal control, the characters become increasingly violent as their past catches up to them. 

The film beautifully combines the genre of a psychological thriller with gay romance at its core. Based on Gunjo, a manga series illustrated by Ching Nakamura, Ride or Die is a must-watch if you are looking forward to a gay movie without the cliched trope of conflicted sexuality. 

Circus of Books

Another queer documentary on Netflix, Circus of Books, is about a gay pornography store in Los Angeles, which goes by the same name as Circus of Books. The documentary is directed by Rachel Mason and features a write-up by Rachel Mason and Kathryn Robson. The film stars Karen Mason, Barry Mason, and Rachel Mason in front of the camera. 

The documentary is about a Jewish couple who managed to cater to the needs of the gay community in their locale while simultaneously hiding the reality of their store from their family for years. The bookstore by the couple is a place where the gay can be themselves without any fear and explore all that the shop has to offer. 

Through the look into the hidden getaway, the documentary focuses on sensitive topics like religion, politics, AIDS, porn, and much more. The store was acquired by the Masons in 1976 with the revelation of everything that came with the place. 

Truly refined in its exploration of the gay culture in Los Angeles, the documentary takes you back 50 years or more, paying tribute to the queer community of the city.