Here's what we know about the $3 million lawsuit Ricky Martin's former manager Rebecca Drucker brought against him
by Ana Walia | Thu, 30 Jun 2022 11:00:38 GMT
Ricky Martin is facing a $3 million lawsuit. Image Source: Hola 

Ricky Martin is facing a $3 million lawsuit.

Rebecca Drucker, Ricky Martin's manager from 2014 to 2018 and again from 2020 to April 2022, has sued him for $3 million, claiming she was not paid the money she was owed under the management agreement.

Rebecca claimed in her complaint that Ricky Martin with held from her millions of dollars in commissions that were due to her per their management contract. She complained on Wednesday to the Los Angeles Superior Court and requested $3 million, or, if there is sufficient evidence, the amount of continued unpaid commissions.

According to Rebecca Drucker, she was the one to salvage Ricky Martin's career and shield him from the repercussions of his careless transgressions. Joshua M. Rosenberg and Armound Ghoorchian, Rebecca's attorneys, claimed that she assisted Ricky Martin not only because she was his manager at the time but also because she thought that Ricky Martin was a friend of Rebecca's and needed support.

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In addition, the former manager said that she was trapped in a toxic work atmosphere and made reference to a particularly heinous episode involving Ricky Martin and his agent, José Vega, which occurred in Dubai in 2018 and Rebecca decided to resign from her post as Ricky Martin's manager. She said that Ricky Martin had asked her to take over as his manager once more, and after months of him begging her, she had agreed to give their professional relationship one more go and return to managing Ricky Martin in May 2020.

Rebecca said in her lawsuit that she returned to find Ricky Martin's life in ruin and was forced to cope with his issues. Among these issues was the disagreement over the babysitter he hired for his kids, the singer's refusal to pay taxes, and his substance abuse, to name a few. She claimed that she intervened to protect his career.

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She claimed in her lawsuit that Ricky Martin had received a notice from a credible litigation attorney in Los Angeles in September 2020, in which the attorney threatened to file a lawsuit against Ricky Martin publicly if he did not pay money to settle a claim brought by this attorney's client against him. Rebecca's lawsuit said that after reading the notice, the singer fell to the ground and later told her he was afraid of the threat was carried out he may suffer terrible repercussions. Rebecca Drucker being a good manager and thinking Ricky Martin as a friend enlisted the services of one of Los Angeles' best defense lawyers to aid her client, and although the accusations were never made public, it was said that she once more prevented his career from failing.

Rebecca Drucker claimed she wasn't getting the pay she deserved from the Martin Entities and tried to leave her position as Ricky Martin's manager in July 2021, but she continued in the position at a higher rate. She claimed she was offered a ten percent commission on annual revenue under the Management Agreement moving forward, but the Martin Entities have declined to grant her now and she claims they won't pay in the future either.

Rebecca Drucker said that, among other professional capacities, Ricky Martin's services as a singer, composer, actor, sponsor, and influencer entitle her to a fee. The former manager is looking forward to having her day in court and presenting her accusations before the jury, according to Rebecca's attorney, who said that the lawsuit had just begun to scratch the surface of the problem. Now, they are looking forward to putting the case to trial.

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The former manager's lawyer has also claimed that Ricky Martin has now threatened Rebecca and is attempting to coerce her into signing a document that contains a nondisclosure clause in order to prevent Rebecca from speaking out against the reprehensible behavior of Ricky Martin that she has both seen and endured. But in the case of Ricky Martin and Rebecca Drucker, the latter expresses blatantly her desire for the former to understand that she "will not be silenced."

Attempts to reach Ricky Martin's agents for comment about Rebecca Drucker's lawsuit and her claims have been unsuccessful. Lavely & Singer, with Andrew Brettler will be serving as the case's principal attorney, is Ricky Martin's legal counsel in this dispute.

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