Hollywood A-listers - Kerry Washington, Ryan Reynolds, and others extending support to IATSE ahead of a potential strike
by Mahima Jhawar | Thu, 23 Sep 2021 11:28:57 GMT
Image Source: Facebook, Tech Crunch, Vanity Fair, Forbes

Yeah, you heard it right. Your favorite stars are not only meeting your expectations by way of good acting in  films, but they are acting out to take a stand for their fellow workers, by which I mean the crew of the film set, from costume designers to cinematographers everyone, working behind the scene and playing their part in the successful formation of the film.

These people don't come in the limelight, but they definitely make up a bond with the fellow actors and directors of the film like a family. That is why many renowned actors and actresses are coming up to their rescue by offering support to IATSE and helping them to secure their rights. Now, IATSE is an abbreviated version of "The International Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees" which includes moving picture technicians, allied crafts and artists of the USA, its territories, and Canada.

IATSE, known as the Union Behind Entertainment, is toiling hard to seek better conditions for 60,000 behind-the-scene workers and employees working in theaters, Film productions, or TV shows. As per the reports, IATSE is said to have struggled for months to negotiate the contract of terms with the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP) but no response came from their side. Their recent announcement on Tuesday that is 21st September 2021 made it clear that IATSE didn't get any counteroffer for their proposal made from AMPTP and remarked that the alliance has failed to work with them as they ignored the very significant grievous problems in their workplaces.

Showing you a glimpse of the logo of IATSE, The Union Behind Entertainment for your better knowledge - 

source - Facebook

Workers in Hollywood's craft unions are frustrated from low pay and excessively unsafe working hours that are no longer seen as a "badge of honor" to encourage them to work hard. It marks that the alliance is failing consistently  in providing these workers with sustainable rests, mid-day meal breaks and relaxed weekends. 

That is why IATSE is left with no other option than mobilizing  support to prepare for a nationwide strike authorization vote which will depict and determine their commitment to achieve the change that they were requesting earlier for a long time from the industry but failed to get a decent response for the same.

We don't know about the opinion of the alliance on the same, but we definitely know that many of the Hollywood A-listers are supporting the "league for change". It is good to note that these famous celebrities are thinking of their fellow workers and taking their side to justify and protect their inherent rights.

Many top-notch celebrities can be seen supporting the matters of IATSE ahead of a potential strike. Kerry Washington took a stand for her crew team that is like "brothers and sisters" to her in case of any potential strike ahead and expressed love for them by regarding them as "talented humans" and "magic makers".

Renowned actor Ben Stiller too explained that he totally supports his hard-working team to have access to better conditions. He remarked how he worked with his diligent team for 9 months working through very challenging situations.

Seth Rogen and Ryan Reynolds shared the logo of IATSE on their social media platform, making a statement that they and there would never exist without them and show their agreement to the fact that their crew deserves better.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the Grace and Frankie co-stars, were seen posing with their same t-shirts that read "IASolidarity" and the post of the same was marked with a hashtag that read "IAVoteYes".

Many other stars like Lucy Hale, Frances Raisa, Rachel Zegler, Mae Whitman, Cynthia Nixon, Jameela Jamil, Chloe Bennet, Karen Gillan and many others extended their warm support to IATSE, The Union Behind Entertainment to improve the conditions of their "family-like" crew members.

It is very heartwarming to see people joining together for a cause and that too without any selfish reasons.

We are ending the article in the hope that justice prevails!

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