“Hollywood Boycotted me,” says Johnny Depp
by Navya | Mon, 16 Aug 2021 08:16:03 GMT
Image source: cinemablend.com

Breaking the long silence and putting an end to incomplete responses, Johnny Depp has finally opened up about his Hollywood Boycott experience. The latest development comes after his losing the libel case against The Sun tabloid, a Britain’s newspaper. In an interview with The Times, Johnny Depp has detailed the viewers about his current acting career, life updates, and the ongoing legal battle.

The Sun newspaper called Depp a “wife-beater” in 2018. Depp filed a lawsuit against the tabloid for calling him an abuser. However, the publishing agency has proved the ‘domestic violence allegations to be true in front of the bench that lead to the conviction of Depp. The court held the newspaper reports to be “substantially true” after two years of a legal battle.

Johnny Depp on his new movie, Minamata

At a time when the 58-year-old actor’s latest project “Minamata” is yet to hit the screens, Depp feels isolated from Hollywood. The domestic violence convict defines his boycott from Hollywood as  “absurdity of media mathematics.” Andrew Levitas directed “Minamata” stars Depp in the role of W Eugene Smith. As MGM postponed “Minamata’s” release, Depp exited from Warner Bro’s “Fantastic Beasts,” in which Depp has been reportedly offered a lead role. While MGM kept mum on the whole issue, Depp said “Some films touch people and this affects those in ‘Minamata’ and the people who experience similar things.”

Johnny Depp explains his Hollywood Boycott

Johnny Depp also reflected on his Hollywood boycott rumors and called it an ‘unpleasant’ and ‘messy’ situation. However, the Golden Globe Awardee chose not to comment on the issue in the past. This is the first time, Depp has shared his views on his isolation from Hollywood.

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Defamation case against his ex-wife

Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard accused him of domestic violence, to which Depp responded with a $50 million defamation suit. The defamation lawsuit is currently in the pipeline of legal battles in April 2022. Although Depp is restricted from sharing his views on the lawsuit, he did give a hint about his current life turmoil. He compared his situation to that of COVID survivors, poisoned people, or getting scratched by a kitten.

Depp also reflected on how “Minamata” is not getting the fame and recognition it rightfully deserves because of his personal struggles. Although “Minamata” has already been released in the U.K and Ireland, it has been held back in the U.S. While contemplating on “Minamata,” Depp said that the movie is not exploitative rather respectful. Even as he falls from grace, Depp doesn’t stop expressing his gratitude towards his fans.

However, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star didn’t lose all his supporters and is soon going to be honored with a lifetime award by “The San Sebastian Film Festival” in Spain. The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival also announced that it would celebrate Depp in the Czech Republic.

On an end note, Depp called his fans his ‘employers’ and thanked them for staying on the ‘ride’ with him in his thick and thin, despite the road being bumpy and stupid. He also assured to fight the battle till the end, not for him but his loyal supporters.